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WWE conducted a tour this week in Australia and New Zealand. They hosted live events in Melbourne and Auckland there, respectively. Due to the live event, stars like John Cena, AJ Styles, and Apollo Crews was not seen on Tuesday Night Smackdown Live and Finn Balor on Raw.
Roman Reigns was also involved in a tag team bout where he teamed up with Finn Balor to take on the team of Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins. It was a terrific contest, to say the least in which Balor and Reigns picked up the win. Reigns hit a superman punch to Jericho and Balor finished it off with the Coup De Grace. Prior to the match, an entertaining segment was brought to the crowd courtesy Jericho and Rollins’ mic skills.
During the match, though, Roman Reigns suffered bleeding right beside his left eye and subsequently received stitches after being taken to the locker room. WWE has published some pictures regarding the incident.


Now, as per earlier reports Brock Lesnar failed two consecutive drug tests and is all due to the judgment. The latest report suggests that the Nevada State Athletic Commission will hear a temporary suspension request on August 23rd, just two days later to Summerslam.
After his monumental win against Mark Hunt at the UFC 200 PPV event, Lesnar was detected positive for an out-of-competition drug. The test was conducted by US Anti-doping agency. Once the hearing is over on the above-mentioned date, Lesnar could be banned from UFC competition for two years and has to pay a heavy amount as fine.
However, Brock Lesnar fits into the part-time category in WWE. While other wrestlers compete in more than 100 matches in a single year, Lesnar barely steps into the ring for 5 times in a calendar year. As a result, he does not fall under WWE’s wellness policy. Either way, WWE can’t afford to lose the star power going into Summerslam PPV. Hence, WWE is not going to take any action against him.

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