The rivalry between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman is ongoing for the past few months now. It was started back in the Royal Rumble PPV where Strowman cost Reigns the Universal championship opportunity. It took a halt since Reigns was pitted in a program against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

With the upcoming Payback PPV, the rivalry might be coming to an end. The general Manager of Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle has already made the match official for the Raw-exclusive PPV on April 30. This one is supposed to be the main event of the match with the mammoth rivalry finally culminating.

Now, as per the reports from, there should a special stipulation reserved for this match. This would be revealed on the next episode of Raw to make the last edition of Reigns vs. Strowman a memorable one. Furthermore, these two have so much bad blood between them. So, a regular singles match will not be enough to declare a winner.

The source also hinted that the most probable stipulation for this one match is supposedly going to be an Ambulance match. As we all know, this match is contested under the “No Holds Barred” rule. Everything is legal in this special one match where the match only ends after one superstar is able to put his opponent into the ambulance.

This gimmick match will also be able to garner a lot of attention from the fans which otherwise might turn out to be dull. Plus, Reigns won the previous match against Strowman. This time, the mountain among men is about to get a push during the post-Wrestlemania season. Hence, he has the most chances to come out victorious, this time.

But, WWE does not want to look Roman Reigns weaker, at this point. So, they will ensure that The Bog Dog does not suffer a clean pin in this match.
The three-time WWE champion is on a short hiatus after Strowman delivered an onslaught attack. This was to protect Reigns from the insane boos that he was receiving after the retirement of the Undertaker. WWE will portray the storyline of Reigns returning prematurely from the shoulder injury and ultimately digesting the defeat.

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