It is almost confirmed that the Undertaker’s opponent for this year’s Wrestlemania is going to be Roman Reigns. The seeds of this feud were planted during the Royal Rumble when Reigns eliminated Undertaker from the match. The Phenome returned to Raw, this week to get his payback by choke-slamming Reigns and starting the rivalry, officially.

The Undertaker is considered to be the greatest performer in the history of the pro-wrestling industry. Especially when it comes to Wrestlemania, it’s evident that each of his opponents gets booed, all over. The crowd always backs him to win at his home-turf of the showcase of immortals.

So, you can only imagine what this feud will do to Roman Reigns. When he will have the face-off against The Deadman, over 70000 people will shower him with insane boos. In fact, that was already started from this past week’s Raw. The Chicago crowd was chanting ‘Roman Sucks’ when he showed up to confront the Undertaker telling that it’s his yard now.

This is the reason why a portion of the pro-wrestling circuit was speculating about the much-anticipated heel-turn of Roman Reigns during this Wrestlemania feud. But, a report from wiped out the idea of the same, telling the WWE creative is not thinking of it, at all.

Vince McMahon was planning this match for a long time now. He is rather looking to put Reigns over with this particular feud. Hence, a second loss for Undertaker at Mania can’t be nixed out.

The Boss thinks that a win against the biggest name in the history of Wrestlemania would help the Big Dog in his career, going forward. This would be a milestone for him since except for Brock Lesnar no one else can claim that they beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

It’s a huge doubt whether this plan of WWE would be successful or not considering that this year people actually believes that Reigns will defeat Taker. This is due to Reigns always getting a big push, no matter what. So, natural fan backlash has already started and it’s yet to see if WWE makes some change in planning.

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