WWE fans are definitely not happy with the way that the creative team has booked Sami Zayn, so far. Ever since coming down to the main roster back in 2016, he is booked in the lower mid-card scene. His contemporary, Kevin Owens has gone on to become a prize fighter in the company with multiple title reigns under his belt, whereas, he is yet to earn a title.

This is purely due to the worse booking scenarios for the superstar who does have a tremendous potential. Back in the day, he used to be the NXT champion and the prime face of the division. So, it is obvious that people deserved to see him in a situation where he gets the spotlight.

However, he is basically used as a jobber after debuting on Raw for the most part of 2016. This was done to Neville at one point during 2015, as well. This man, too, was the longest reigning champion but did not get his deserved place on the main roster. During the Superstar Shakeup in April, Sami Zayn was shifted to Smackdown Live and there might be a slight change in his future bookings.

For the very first time, the reports are coming which suggest that WWE is finally looking to give him a push to the main event level. Stillrealtous.com and Givemesport.com suggested that the writers will give him a push from Summerslam onwards. The marquee matches for the biggest event of the summer is already set and hence there will be no changes.

Once this event gets over we can expect “The Underdog from the Underground” to feature in some major main event matches. This will help him to solidify his legacy in the WWE, as well.

This might be the probable reason that Sami Zayn emerged victorious during his recent feud with Mike Kanellis. He was expected to digest some losses in order to put over the newer guy. However, for two straight nights, he pinned Mike to literally bury him.

Prior to joining this company, he used to be bigger star power under the El Generico gimmick back in Mexico. He was a bonafide star in ROH and the Japan promotions, as well. Even in NXT, he was used in the main event capacity. The tradition changed only after he arrived at the WWE main roster.

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