We confirmed the debut of Asuka on the main roster of WWE earlier. As announced by the Raw brand, she will be part of the flagship show after shifting her base from the NXT division. She will be appearing at the TLC PPV on October 22nd which will mark the much-anticipated moment for the WWE Universe.

The Empress of Tomorrow had surely made a benchmark for her on the NXT division by being the champion for 500+ days with the NXT Women’s Championship in hand. Also, she is the one who is still undefeated after debuting at the NXT roster in 2016. So, the expectations are quite high with Asuka who can change the direction of the Raw Women’s Division.

In recent times, there has been quite an interesting altercation on Twitter that might have been opened a dream scenario for the WWE fans. A confrontation took place on the social media site that can cause a much-anticipated feud between two of the most elite superstars present in the WWE female locker room.

The altercation started with a fan posting a picture tagging Sasha Banks on her account. It had a picture of burning Asuka with Sasha holding it in her hand. It got noticed by the former NXT Women’s Champion. The picture was not liked, at all by the Japanese Superstars who reacted to Sasha.

As per her reply on the post, she wants to teach a lesson to the four-time Raw Women’s Champion. The Boss also reacted to the tweet by posting a gif as a reply. It might have been just a series of tweets between the two but might cause a major feud once Asuka becomes a regular Raw roster member.

While Asuka has been the most dominant champion during her NXT stint, Sasha Banks too had some path-breaking matches being in that division in 2015. She is considered to be one of the major cornerstones of the Women’s Revolution. So, this feud will be more than a firecracker, if it comes to reality.

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