It is an unfortunate occasion for the WWE that they could not bring back Shelton Benjamin back on board despite the tries. He is considered as one of those top talents who has been underutilized in the company as well as the pro-wrestling industry. He was once named as ‘The Golden Standard’ but never reached the level where he could have claimed the world championships.

Last year, when Smackdown Live was revamped, fans were delighted to hear that WWE is bringing back Shelton Benjamin, once again. The vignettes around his return were started playing every Tuesday night. But, unfortunately, that never happened since he was found with a ruptured shoulder which shelved him for several months.

On March 30th i.e. just prior to Wrestlemania, he declared that he is fit and the doctors cleared him to compete. That started the speculations that he might show up at Wrestlemania 33. That did not happen as the creative might have reserved him for a post-Wrestlemania surprise. But, that did not turn out to be the case, either.

As per the latest happening around WWE, there are no official words whether the company is interested in bringing him back, at all. Adding more to it, he is scheduled to appear in a show conducted by BCW on April 21st. This will be his first appearance on the indie scene post-surgery indicating that WWE might not have contacted him. This forced him to go back into the independent scene, all over again.

Various sources suggested that WWE has never got the opportunity to offer him a contract, last year. He was going through his routine medical tests when the doctors dictated the shoulder dislocation that he had already suffered during his stint in Japan. He was waiting to get a newer deal from the company after getting medically cleared but that did not happen.
He was primarily considered to feature into the mid-card scene on Smackdown Live. During his first stint in the WWE, he became a multi-time Intercontinental champion and the United States champion.

The superstar shakeup process is complete and there are rare chances that WWE will bring another superstar to either Raw or Smackdown. Plus, his age has already pushed him into the ‘injury-prone’ list which does not favor him, at all.

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