WWE News: Speculations About Undertaker’s Return in Future

Arindam Paul / 11 August 2017

There’s no stopping of speculations with the Undertaker ever since he had walked into retirement following his Wrestlemania 33 match against Roman Reigns. It was his second loss at the biggest stage of them all which is considered to be his yard. He decided to leave his in-ring gears inside the squared circle hinting that he will not step inside it. This was supposedly the ultimate signal for his career end.

However, he is perhaps the most popular superstar to step foot into the sports entertainment. No one has performed in mainstay wrestling for a span over 26 years to become an immortal character. So, the fans did not accept his exit, abruptly.

Plus, it’s a fact that the fans also could not digest the fact that none but everybody’s hated Roman Reigns retired The Deadman in his yard and overtook it. WWE has not confirmed his retirement, officially to keep a chance of his return open, till date.

This current scenario was nurtured by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter in a recent edition. He addressed the ongoing rumours of Undertaker returning for at least one last match. The reliable one stated that this might turn out to be true but not soon. In fact, it is unlikely to take place considering he is in much worse shape going after the hip surgery back in April. These are exact comments from Meltzer:

“It’s possible. The only reason to bring him back would be against Roman, and I don’t see that at WrestleMania at all. Maybe the next year at WrestleMania, but probably not. There’s a reason he retired. He needed a lot of surgeries, his body was really beaten up, it was time to go.”

As you can see, he might come back to seek vengeance against the franchise player of the company, Roman Reigns but that won’t be happening until next year’s Wrestlemania.

In the past, returns have happened from much worse surgeries and hence the Undertaker should not be kept out of the equation. However, it will not happen, sooner as per the following quotes:

“He decided it was time to go before that, but he came back. Put it this way, it’s wrestling, and people can come out of retirement at any time, but do the mentions make me think he’s coming out of retirement imminently? No.”