One of the most talked about ongoing topic in the pro-wrestling industry right now is the upcoming announcement of Kurt Angle. He’s been involved in a mystery storyline for quite a few weeks now where a mystery person keeps on sending him text messages. The texts contain a huge secret which could possibly ‘ruin him’, according to him.

The only man he had consulted during this storyline is the Raw commentator, Corey Graves who also revealed that the information might also contain some ‘scandalous information’ which is why the two of them has remained silent on this ongoing issue.

However, during last week’s finishing segment Kurt Angle called that mystery person and we heard him saying,

“Why don’t you come here next week, and we’ll tell the whole world together.” It was the official declaration by the General Manager that next week, he will be going public with this issue. Ever since then, the next edition of WWE Raw was hyped up and the rumour mill kept on guessing about it.

Now, the speculations are mainly suggesting two names who might be in a secret relationship with Kurt Angle. If their relationship comes into public then it might drag both the person into trouble. According to, the first one is none other than Stephanie McMahon which is quite predicted.

The relationship between Stephanie and Angle goes way back in the Attitude Era. These two and Stephanie’s real-life husband, Triple H had quite a memorable storyline, back then. Apparently, this affair might be continued as part of a reincarnated feud that will result in a Triple H vs. Kurt Angle match at Summerslam.

Also, the rumours from suggested that it may appear that the then affair of Stephanie and Angle has a child. Someone from the Raw roster will turn out to be the one on next Monday. This will force Triple H to come down on Raw to culminate yet another match with Kurt Angle at Summerslam or Wrestlemania 34.

As for the other one, former TNA President, Dixie Carter is being rumoured. She had quite a rift with the WWE, previously as the owner of the rival brand. But, considering that she appeared in the documentary episode for Kurt Angle, there’s quite a possibility of the same. We have to wait for next week’s Raw till the drama unfolds.

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