Seth Rollins had earned quite a big accolade after defeating Triple H at this year’s Wrestlemania. The latest buzz around him is to debut a new finishing manoeuvre, going forward. Ever since the Curb Stomp was banned due to the precautions around superstars getting injured, he borrowed the Pedigree move.

This was intentionally done since his feud with the game was inevitable. Now that he had slain the King, it might be time to go forward with a proof of the same. In the latest dark tapings on Raw, Rollins has launched a new move similar to a Lariat. As you can see in the below footages Rollins hit the new move on Kevin Owens to pin him.

According to the reports from cagesideseats, The Architect will be launching his new move at WWE Payback. Using it on the dark segment was an experiment from WWE’s perspective before officially launching it. This will be called the ‘Kingslayer’ to remind everyone that he has defeated The King of Kings. Meanwhile, we should keep in mind that it is the same move that caused Cena a broken nose in 2015.

A number of WWE veterans have been vocal with Seth Rollins being the most unsafe wrestler in the WWE with the track record he possesses. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the latest inclusion in the list who recently opened up about the problems with Seth Rollins.

In the latest edition of Stone Cold’s podcast, the legend stated that he does not understand why people keep comparing former legends with The Architect. He mentioned some of the veterans’ names from the WWE to compare how much different Rollins is from those guys and fans should stop thinking him overrated.
This is what Austin 316 had stated:

“Who is Seth Rollins? When you say Seth Rollins, or you say Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins, I still don’t have a sense of what or who this guy is. That rests on Seth Rollins’ shoulder as an individual to define or create that, as well as the WWE. I still don’t get a sense of what kind of personality he is. He’s not electrifying like The Rock, he’s not anti-authority like Stone Cold, or like The Deadman, so OK, then who is he?”

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