When it comes to Wrestlemania, Stone Cold Steve Austin has always been a surprise package to the fans. Every time the crowd hears the glass-shattering sound, they go rowdy. In return, the legend has given them some of most infamous Wrestlemania moments of all time. So, whenever we approach towards the biggest event of the year, we expect a return by the Hall of Famer, once more.

He was present at Wrestlemania 30 and 32 with his special antics to keep the fans on their feet. However, this year we have witnessed him neither at Mania nor at the prestigious Hall of Fame ceremony. Many names from the pro-wrestling industry have attended the night before Wrestlemania where Kurt Angle was inducted into the elite club. But, Stone Cold was not to be found anywhere, notably.

Recently, on his podcast named the “Steve Austin Show,” Stone Cold revealed why he could attend either of those events held during the beginning of this month. The Hall of Famer stated that at that week he sold his ranch in Texas. So, he “had a lot of irons in the fire” at that point.

The former franchise of the company also revealed that he is still on good terms with the company. As long as he lives he intends to continue working relationship with WWE which will benefit both the parties. This will benefit both the parties and the fans, of course, who would get more of those Austin 316 moments. Take a look at the comments made by the Texas Rattlesnake:

“The WWE will always be a part of my life. Man, I’m in this thing for the rest of my life. That’s the relationship I have with the WWE. So there’s never been any heat, no this, no that, no whatever. I’m at a great place with those guys and I’m thankful for everything they’ve done for me, I’m sure they are thankful for the things I did for them. Again, I’m a WWE member for life.”

Stone Cold made his last appearance at the showcase of immortals, last year. He gave a picturesque Wrestlemania moment by giving a beatdown to the League of Nations. Since then, we have not seen a glimpse of him in the company.

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