WWE News: Summerslam Is Going To Be More Than Six-Hour Long Show

Arindam Paul / 09 August 2017

WWE usually conducts four big PPVs in one single year which are Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series. As you we all know the second name mentioned is considered as the biggest event of the summer and also the second biggest PPV show of the WWE calendar just after Wrestlemania.

Unlike the other brand exclusive PPVs, these are the shows that witnesses both and Raw and Smackdown superstars performing on the event, simultaneously. All the championships from both the shows are kept on the line to hype up the event.

We should also keep in mind that being a globally known event, these dual brand PPVs effect the host-city’s travel and tourism to a great extent. Fans from all around the world gather prior to the big day to enjoy a great weekend that allows them to enjoy a lot of facilities apart from enjoying the main show.

From last year onwards, WWE has increased the tradition of giving more emphasis on these big-four PPVs. With the brand split being intact the variety on both Raw and Smackdown has increased causing a bigger show. So, it is quite likely that Summerslam 2017 which is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the event will surpass the record of the previous year.


So, quite expectedly, Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the event is likely to continue for more than six hours. The live streaming of the show will go on the air from 3.30 AM as per IST and is expected to go beyond 9.30 AM. The time span was calculated including the kick-off show which will run for two hours prior to the show.

The kick-off shows during the dual brand PPVs get a longer runtime considering that the show hosts have to discuss with plenty of matches. Plus, we get to see at least two or three matches with less importance. Renee Young and Booker T are the regular faces from the show, whereas, guest members can be seen, in addition.

The source also added that the show is still not sold out. But, with a number of matches being confirmed, this week, the remaining tickets are expected to flow out of the window, sooner. The Barclays Center from Brooklyn, New York is going to host the biggest party of the summer on August 20th.