WWE News: Suspended Smackdown Superstar Expected To Return, This Week

Arindam Paul / 08 August 2017

James Ellsworth has been suspended from Smackdown Live for interfering the first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match. He was the one to get involved in the women’s ladder match by standing in the corner of Carmella. Surprising the fans and the superstars, he used the ladder to climb up and grab the briefcase. It was handed to his so- called girl-friend by letting her win the match.

This generated a lot of controversies all around the WWE Universe. Never before in the history of the company it has happened that a second person climbed up and unhooked the briefcase as a representative. So, a controversy surrounded with the outcome of the match.

This forced to make a second Money in the Bank ladder match on Smackdown Live, one week later. Daniel Bryan banned James Ellsworth from the ringside but he still showed up during the match and helping Carmella again. The distraction provided by him was the turning point by virtue of which she won the briefcase, twice.

This led the Smackdown GM to suspend him from the show for 30 days. Also, a fine of $10000 was also charged against him for interfering the second time. Now, the suspension was officially over on the 4th of August. So, we can expect the ‘chinless’ man to show up on this upcoming episode of Smackdown Live on August 8th. A tweet was posted by Ellsworth on his twitter handle to address the situation but that was later removed.

His presence will be much useful for the Princess of Staten Island since she is scheduled to have a match with none other than the champion, Naomi on the show. Ellsworth getting back on the show might prevent her from losing the match and gain momentum en route to the Summerslam PPV.

It is also being said that Carmella was hesitating to cash-in the Money in the Bank briefcase without his ‘partner in crime’. Now that he is back by her side, this will boost her confidence and she might pull off a shocker at the Summerslam night. So, we should not be surprised to see The Princess of Staten Island walking out as the Champion on August 20th.