WWE News: Total Divas promo took intentional dig at 'All In' show

WWE News: Total Divas Promo Took Intentional Dig at ‘All In’ Show

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WWE recently released the official promo for Total Divas season 8. The biggest reality show featuring the women superstars will be back on E Network.

Filming process of the same has been going on for a long time starting from the Wrestlemania 34 season. We will see the happening of women superstars’ life from then.

Meanwhile, the Total Divas promo has caught the attention of the pro-wrestling world for a different reason. The entire promo used the ‘All In’ phrase which seems a purposeful dig at the indie show coming up in September with the same name. It features the same name, as well.

ROH (Ring of Honor) superstars, Cody Rhodes, and the Young Bucks have arranged a huge show on September 1st. They are gathering big names from the indie scene to give a tough competition to the WWE. The Chicago show looks to have a packed card featuring the who’s who from the independent circuit.

The tickets for the show sold out in less than an hour creating a buzz all around. WWE has kept track of the show and countered it with the latest promo of Total Divas season 8. From the start to the end, the All In phrases are all over it. It looks like that they willingly tried to steal the thunder of the upcoming wrestling show.

It is not something new for wrestling promotions to steal catchphrases from their rival brands to stir the pot. As long as their no issues with rights, the legal battle will not start. But then again, the brand battle has come to the public, as the All In catchphrase caught the attention of the pro-wrestling fans.

WWE marketing team is a genius, and this is another exhibition of their intelligence. It is a sample of getting free publicity using a name that’s the brainchild of one of their rival shows. There have been rumours that WWE is also trying hard to prohibit the appearance of CM Punk to the next ROH special at the Madison Square Garden.

Vince McMahon seems hell-bent to create bars when it comes to the success of the show.

Meanwhile, Total Divas will try to steal footages from the All In show. It will start airing from September 19 onwards, whereas, All In will take place on 1st of the same month. Promotions around the same catchphrase are likely to go on for now.