WWE always intends to pursue big names on their roster and utilise them on any of the shows to boost up the ratings. Sometimes their plans work out real good, whereas, sometimes it get backfired. Here the WWE Universe gets to decide whether they like a particular superstar or not. They let their voice know, all the time during all of the shows.

Apparently, the company is planning to bring two more talents and make them the carriers of the Cruiserweight Division, sooner. The reports from Wrestling Observer Newsletter is suggesting that two big names from the indie wrestling scene will be debuting soon on the 205 Live roster. They will be seen performing on the Cruiserweight division on a regular basis.

Hideo Itami and Rockstar Spud are said to be those two names. Itami is a sensation in the Asian region, as we have already seen him performing in the NXT shows earning quite respect from the fans. So, his debut is quite imminent now that he has been taken off from the Wednesday’s show. Vignettes already suggest Itami’s 205 Live arrivals, next week.

Rockstar Spud, on the other hand, was employed by the Impact Wrestling promotion for a quite a long time until now when he decided to part way with them after the deal got expired. He was rumored to sign a new deal with WWE in recent times and will make his debut in no time.

However, before joining the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world, he will have to undergo some routine jobs. He is said to be getting a new visa as well as getting through the pre-employment process. Also, the former X-Division Champion will have to be medically cleared before joining the roster. Check out further details provided on these two debuts, (courtesy stillrealtous.com)

“There was talk about changing up 205 Live a while ago due to the low WWE Network numbers and since Enzo Amore’s jump over to the Cruiserweight Showcase, it looks like things might be getting better.

Rockstar Spud and Hideo Itami will find themselves right at home in no time and give even more chances for great matchups live on the WWE Network every Tuesday night following SmackDown.”

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