WWE News: Two Main Event Matches Confirmed For Wrestlemania 34

Arindam Paul / 21 January 2018

The Royal Rumble PPV is the show from where we would see the beginning of the storylines that will culminate major Wrestlemania matches. This has been the tradition over the years in the WWE, and this time too, there should not be an exception. Also, there would be the WWE Raw 25th anniversary on January 22nd which is also expect to see some major altercations hinting the matches at the biggest event of the year.

Recently, wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided some updates stating that two top matches at this year’s Wrestlemania have been locked in by the WWE officials despite Royal Rumble pending.

The championship main event match remains the same just as the earlier updates which mean Roman Reigns is still on the board to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. This certainly indicates that the beast incarnate will retain his title at the Royal Rumble PPV in the triple threat title match and head on to Wrestlemania to defend it against The Big Dog.

The other match that has been locked in is the dream match between John Cena and The Undertaker. It looks like the Deadman still does have one more match left in his tank and will be able to compete against the franchise player of the company. Check out the updates from the source,

“Right now, the two top matches for Mania are scheduled as Lesnar vs. Reigns and Cena vs. Undertaker. So unless Undertaker changes his mind, and given how hard they promoted him for the 25th Raw and his being backstage at TV in Birmingham on 1/9, it makes that seem unlikely, one would expect the angle for Cena vs. Undertaker to be shot in two weeks on the 25th Raw.”

According to Bruce Prichard, he has spotted The Undertaker in the best of shape that will certainly allow him to wrestle some more matches. Hence, it is almost certain that the Phenome will return to the arena where he lost the streak, one more time. Check out the source’s quotes,

“I thought he looked the best I’ve seen him in 10 years; he said he felt better than he’s felt in 10 years. He looked fabulous.”

So, we have to wait until WWE Raw 25th anniversary to kick-off the storyline around the Undertaker and John Cena. Both are locked in to appear on the show.