As announced earlier, Smackdown will go live on air starting from July 19th on Tuesday Nights on the USA Network. As a result of the brand split, we will see Smackdown heading towards its old glorious days where it was treated in a separate way from Raw and had its separate roster and championships. Now, ever since the announcement was made countless rumors and analysis have been flying on the internet about a new split roster, new championships, and even new pay-per-views. Needless to say, the brand split has already given the fans a number of things to get excited with.
In addition to that, now suggests that Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler who was in attendance at the 38th annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL, has disclosed a fact to the fans in attendance. He told that WWE will host two monthly pay-per-views post brand split days except for the four big PPV’s of the year i.e. Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series. Apart from these four biggies every month will have two separate PPVs, one for WWE Raw and one for WWE Smackdown.

Now, considering that WWE’s plans are highly volatile, no source is reliable enough. But judging by Lawler’s words in the past when he disclosed that SmackDown coming to the USA, moving to Tuesdays for Live and even the Brand Split itself, we can definitely bank upon Jerry’s words, once more.
On the other hands, brand split is definitely leading us to that high time of bringing back the WWE Draft. Previously it was reported that the Draft will take place on July 11th edition of Monday Night Raw. Now, reports that Ryan Stan of Pro Wrestling Sheet has declared it on Twitter that a source of him suggests that the WWE draft will take place just one day prior from the day Smackdown is going live i.e. on July 18th’s edition of WWE Raw. With that being said expect a lot animosity to be built-up among the superstars after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. There’s no indication whatsoever about who is heading towards which brand makes this Draft even more interesting.

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