Former WWE Divas Champion and the Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool was diagnosed as skin cancer patient. In a recent Instagram post, she decided to reveal it that she is the victim of the disease. Though no other statement was given, afterwards and supposedly she encouraged people to use sun tans, more.

Michelle McCool wrote the following on her account, “Hey, kids! Wear yo sunscreen & you won’t have to have holes cut out of your body due to skin cancer! #ifiknewnow #SUNSCREEN#alldayeveryday

mc mccool

Though, the good news is that skin cancer can be defeated nowadays and so there’re good chances for her to be cured. Hopefully, she can overcome all the odds and battle out the cancer disease.

Earlier some days, Michelle McCool was present at Smackdown Live and posted some pictures of the blue brands’ top superstars which was supposed to be an indication of her husband joining the brand run by Shane McMahon.

Undertaker, the 51-year-old Phenome in the pro-wrestling circuit is married to the 36-year-old Michelle McCool who is the first-ever WWE Divas champion. The duo is rumored to start dating in the year 2007-08, after Undertaker got divorced with his second wife, Sara. Michelle is the first one to hold both the WWE Divas and Women’s championship. She retired from WWE in the year 2011 when she already had tied the knot with Undertaker, the Phenom, in 2010. Undertaker is the father of three children Chasey, Gracie and Kara Faith.



Michelle was a top cornerstone of the Divas division since the beginning. It was during her run as the Women’s champion when WWE decided to convert the Women’s championship into Divas championship. She defeated Natalya at the Great American bash PPV in 2008 to win the first ever Divas championship. She alongside her partner Layla formed the dominant group ‘LayCool’ to dominate the Divas division for a couple of years.

At the PPV, Night of Champions in 2010, she defeated Melina to become the first-ever unified Women’s and Divas champion. However, that reign marked the last stint of her WWE career. At the Extreme Rules PPV in 201o, she competed in her last match in WWE and took retirement from professional wrestling after losing in a “Loser leaves WWE” match against her own partner, Layla.

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