Alberto Del Rio was on cloud nine ever since leaving the WWE. He was offered a contract from the Impact Wrestling promotion, right away and he swooped in. A major push was given to him, and he won the Impact world title upon his debut.

Not only that, once the promotion got merged with GFW, he was also named the undisputed GFW world champion following his win at the Slammiversary PPV in July. However, just after that, he fell victim to the unfortunate Orlando Airport Incident alongside his fiancée, Paige, the WWE Superstar. This put allegation of domestic battery on both of them that led him to suspension from the company.

It also caused him to get stripped of the world championship. Ever since that happened, Del Rio aka Alberto El Patron is absent from the promotion. According to the recent reports, there’s no clarity whether he will come back or not.

As per the latest updates from, Jeff Jarrett, the creative head is on leave from the company. There’s no definite cause as of why he is on a hiatus and whether he would come back. Owing to this, Del Rio might not intend to wrestle in GFW, at all. He was the main reason why the former WWE Champion signed a contract for the company.

Anthem Sports is the owner of the GFW promotion, right now. Ed Norholm, one of the principal owners of the company, is not keen to retain Del Rio in the company, at all. It might also turn out to be an additional reason for which Del Rio might be forced to leave the company.

At this point, GFW is dealing with financial problems, and there might be a handover, as well shortly. They intend to cut down the roster and decrease the number of show tapings to maintain the budget. An update of the situation was given by which stated,

“GFW is haemorrhaging funds, and sources close to the situation have confirmed that Anthem is ready to withdraw itself from the wrestling industry and sell GFW. Anthem even needed to get the Fight Network in order to finance GFW.”

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