WWE News: Update On Cruiserweight Division Matches At MITB PPV

WWE News: Update on Cruiserweight Division Matches at MITB PPV

The Cruiserweight Classic tournament was a big success on WWE Network. It was one of the first original series launched on the exclusive video network provided by WWE.

32 super athletes around the globe competed in it to crown a new champion. It was also a re-launch of the Cruiserweight division in the company.

This division was an integral part of WWE programming for the entire time span of Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Era. Later WWE removed the separate division for the Cruiserweights. WWE Network helped to bring it back and place them on the flagship show. They performed on WWE Raw on a weekly basis starting from 2016.

The roster became an exclusive for the superstars weighing under 205 pounds. WWE also launched a separate show for them with the name of 205 Live. Solid champions like TJP, Rich Swann and of course Neville took the brand to a new height. Neville vs Austin Aries would always remain a benchmark rivalry for them.

Current updates are saying the status of 205 Live is not good. There are talks that the Cruiserweights might lose their home real soon. We have already spotted voids of names like Neville, Austin Aries or even Enzo Amore. The present champion Cedric Alexander failed to garner attention. It also looks like they have failed to book their spot on the upcoming PPV event.

Cagesideseats.com have a major update on the 205 Live show recently. It stated no Cruiserweight division match would take place at the Money in the Bank PPV event. It’s quite hard to believe knowing WWE is increasing the overall PPV timing. Yet, they are unable to make room for the superstars who brings electrifying actions to us.

Cruiserweights used to perform on the pre-shows of one PPV events, mostly. But they stopped doing that for the past few such shows. There was no such match at the Backlash PPV too. It indicates the dual-branded shows are not allowing the show hosts to place matches for the 205 Live stars.

They are now under the guidance of Triple H rather than Vince McMahon. Hunter is giving more preference on actions rather than storyline processes. We have not spotted any significant improvement through this way for these superstars. Hopefully, they do not continue to get lost in the mix.