WWE News: Update on Dolph Ziggler’s Status in the Company

Arindam Paul / 19 January 2018

Dolph Ziggler leaving the WWE United States Championship following the Clash of Champions PPV was a major shocker to the WWE fans. We thought this would be the beginning for him to start a strong run with the title.

Being a veteran superstar in the locker room for over two decades, he certainly deserves the spotlight on him. By this title win, he was supposed to head into Wrestlemania with all the momentums.

However, the plans turned out to be exactly opposite, as the champion left his title inside the ring. It was an indication that he is dropping the title, willingly and will not come back. To cover up the absence of the title-holder, Daniel Bryan announced a tournament comprising eight superstars with the winner becoming the new champion.

Now, the previous updates stated that this is just another storyline angle for the show-off to rejuvenate his career. It got confirmed that he has not left the company since he was advertised for the house shows, going forward. However, another shocker came in the form of his absence from those scheduled shows, as well.

It hinted that Dolph Ziggler’s career might be in serious jeopardy, for now. SportsKeeda.com provided some updates about it which stated that although he is nowhere to be found around the company, his position seems quite well. WWE might want to sell the storyline angle to the fullest and hence decided to keep him off from all kinds of events.

With the finale of United States Championship already getting culminated on Smackdown Live, we can expect him to be back, quite soon declaring that he is the reigning champion. He has not lost it and nor he officially announced the relinquishment. Hence, a Wrestlemania angle for the undisputed championship might get started, soon.

While WWE is trying to make people believe the angle to the fullest, there’s the backside of the story, too. Check out the quotes from the source,

“Some people have been hinting at Dolph Ziggler leaving WWE for quite some time now, but nobody’s really gotten it right yet. After all, if all reports were correct Ziggler’s contract ran out a long time ago. But it looks like he signed another extension, therefore, who knows how long he’ll be around at this point?”

With that being said, the confirmation about Ziggler’s career cannot be made until and unless he chooses to return to Smackdown. We have to wait for the comeback to happen.