WWE News: Update on Paige Getting Spotted at Backstage on WWE Raw

Arindam Paul / 02 August 2017

Apparently, some of the fans might have spotted Paige on this past week’s Raw at backstage in her in-ring gear, leading the internet wrestling community into a frenzy. The rumour mill kept on buzzing with the news of the anti-Diva getting back on board with the company, once again.

The ongoing talk started following WWE posting a snap chat video with the backstage interviewer Charly Caruso. A blurred image of a female superstar could be spotted just behind her. Due to the fair complexion of the person, the speculations went on rampant stating that it was none other than Paige.

A screenshot was posted from the video as you can see below. The position where Paige was possibly spotted was also marked to understand it better. From a distance, it definitely looked like the former Divas champion. However, it was hard to believe to see her present live on Raw after the turmoil that she has undergone.

Later, the truth was actually revealed via a post on WWE’s Instagram. Apparently, it was not Paige but Sasha Banks getting ready for a probable photo shoot.

She was given a look of the zombies by the make-up artists and hence a fair complexion was brought to her skin. This resembled her with Paige, a lot and the fans mistook her seeing in a not-so-understandable image.


A post shared by WWE (@wwe) on Jul 31, 2017 at 10:58am PDT

At present, Paige is still in the bad books of the WWE. The mishaps that she has been involved in recent times might have taken her to the worst case scenario ever in the WWE history. Her WWE career is said to be almost finished except for the upcoming movie, “Fighting With My Family”. This might be the only reason that the company has still not fired her.

The Rock is the producer of the movie which is eyeing a global theatrical release at the end of this year. So, if Paige gets her movie released from the company then WWE will not be able to utilize the spotlights on her during the release.

She was last seen in WWE ring during June 2016 where she teamed up with Sasha Banks to defeat the team of Dana Brooke and Charlotte.