Last week on Smackdown Live, we have got the third championship defence of Naomi against Lana. This was the third consecutive title match for the champion against the debuting female superstar on the blue brand. Following her loss in the Money in the Bank PPV, she kept on coming up with several excuses and got handed two more title matches.

However, she could not capitalise on any one of them. Following the PPV loss on June 18th, she digested two more losses against the fighting champion who outsmarted her in a quick time. In both the title matches on Smackdown Live in the past couple of weeks, she was able to pick up the win by completely squashing Lana.

This means that Lana might be sidelined from the championship picture for sometimes now. But, in reality, this might not be the case. A similar push like her return will be reserved for the Ravishing Russian in the upcoming days, as well despite her recent failures. The creative wants to establish her as the face of the Smackdown Women’s division and so she will be kept in the main event spotlight.

This is the reason why Tamina appeared following her match with Naomi, last week. Going forward, she is expected to protect her from her opponents on the blue brand. As per the reports, the writers of the show sketched a valet character for her in order to protect the gorgeous Diva of the blue brand.

The championship picture for the Battleground PPV is not quite clear, for now. On the upcoming episode of Smackdown, we might get another rematch between Naomi and Lana on the PPV or a multi-women match featuring the likes of Charlotte, Natalya or Becky Lynch.

In the case of Charlotte Flair, she is expected to stay aside from the championship picture for sometimes now since she will be busy filming Psych: The Movie in the upcoming months. The news was broken on the Facebook page of the film stating that she is joining the star cast of the movie. The film is all set to release in the month of December 2017.

Charlotte will be playing the sidekick of the main villain of the movie with the name Heather Rockrear. The USA Network which is host to Raw and Smackdown will air the movie which will be the debut movie of the former Raw Women’s Champion.

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