It was during last week’s Monday Night Raw when WWE announced the return of the Backlash PPV. It will be hosted by the infamous All-State arena in Chicago, Illinois. Since Raw was live from the same venue, the show hosts advertised WWE returning with the PPV in the month of May.
Now, WWE has given further updates with the PPV which is going to be a brand exclusive PPV from Smackdown, It will be the first PPV for the blue brand on May 21st after Wrestlemania. The tickets for the event will soon go on sale.

Backlash PPV was one of the biggest events of the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression or the Attitude Era. This used to happen just after Wrestlemania to settle the fallouts from it and hence the name Backlash was given to it. Starting from 1999, the tradition continued till 2009. Upon coming into the PG era, the PPV got out from WWE’s calendar.

Last year, it was brought back once the tradition of the brand exclusive PPVs started. It marked the first one from the blue brand. After Summerslam, we have got No Mercy, as well. This year, the PPV is going to witness a premature return, as per WWE’s advertisements. Check out the announced PPVs of this year, so far:
April 2nd – WrestleMania 33 (Dual-brand)
April 30th – WWE Payback (Raw-exclusive)
May 21st – WWE Backlash (Smackdown-exclusive)
June 4th – WWE Extreme Rules (Raw-exclusive)
June 18th – WWE Money In The Bank (Smackdown-exclusive)
August 20th – WWE Summerslam (Dual-brand)
November 19th – WWE Survivor Series (Dual-brand)

As you can see, Backlash will be the second PPV in the post-Wrestlemania season, overall. There’s a huge gap of more than seven weeks for Smackdown. So, it is yet to see if the brand comes up with another PPV before it.

Last year’s Backlash was a major success from the blue brand. A new WWE champion, the first-ever Smackdown tag team champions and women’s champion were also crowned on the same night which made it a historic one. Let’s see how WWE pulls off the event, this year.

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