Next week’s edition of Monday Night Raw will be the second last episode before Wrestlemania. We expect to get the confirmed match card for the biggest event of the year after the night. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer has given some big updates regarding how the night might go down.

The wrestling pundit has stated that the Undertaker will make a surprise return to the show to carry forward his feud with Roman Reigns. The venue of the show which is the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York still does not enlist his name for now but Taker’s presence is highly expected after Roman Reigns bad-mouthed about him, last week.

The Big Dog is scheduled to fight Braun Strowman on that night. The Phenome is expected to interfere in the contest to get into his head, once again. This will hand the mountain among man a win en route to Wrestlemania and the needed momentum, as well.

The Undertaker is only advertised to appear on the go home Raw episode of Wrestlemania, for now, which will take place on March 27th. But, considering it is the Wrestlemania season, we certainly expect major surprises on the show.

Meltzer also hinted that another change might take place on this Monday Night’s show regarding the Raw women’s championship. He stated that Nia Jax would be added to the title match to make it a fatal-4-way contest, officially.

This match was the original planning of the creative from the get-going. But, the triple threat match was announced just to come up with a twist at the very last moment. This is the reason why Nia was not defeated via pinfall or submission, last week.

She might brag about her dominance over the champion, Bayley in recent times to get added to the title picture. Her tweet after last week’s Raw was another indication of things to come.

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