Reports already suggest the fact that Del Rio has made up his mind of not returning to the WWE. He will exercise his out clause once his suspension gets lifted. Now as per reports from, Del Rio has already given a notice of 60 days to the company in the month of June which means he was just serving WWE within his notice period, for the last couple of months.
Quite interestingly, WWE still suspended him after being fully concerned that he was within his notice period. This was an intended plan to harass the superstar, furthermore.
Immediately after his suspension gets lifted he will be free to wrestle the United States of America and his home country of Mexico.
There’s good news for him since a number of promotions are already bidding for him. His earlier workplace, Lucha Underground contacted him saying that they want to work with him. However, Del Rio was not happy with their unorganized event manners. This was the reason he did not let the company know about his departure, last year. He silently finished the deal with WWE around September 2015.

The promotion is also going through a loss. So, it would be interesting to see if they can come up with a handsome amount for Del Rio to sign up with. The promotion wants to recreate his Alberto El Patron character in the AAA promotion but with their situation, it’s quite doubtful if they will be able to do it or not.
TNA is also interested in signing Del Rio for them. But, money is the issue, once again. Del Rio previously did not go to the company due to their less money offer from WWE. However, Billy Corgan has taken over the company now and it’s up to him if he offers Del Rio a handsome amount that he is looking for. Del Rio is also in talks with the MMA promotion, as well.

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