Last night’s (March 13) Raw went off air with Triple H delivering a vicious onslaught on Seth Rollins. The Game locked in the knee-bar on his former protégé, who is already suffering an injured knee.

Once the Raw was over, the officials helped him recover from the attack. With their help, he was able to stand up on his feet. Rollins refused to take any further help and walked out of the ring on his own. As of now, there is no update on his injury. 

On the other hand, Dana Brooke turned on her mentor, Charlotte on the show. On the fallout show, she was seen venting out all her frustration on the former women’s champion. She said that there’s ‘an unfinished business’ between her and Charlotte and it would be settled soon.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns had an eventful night after competing against Jinder Mahal. After that, he confronted Shawn Michaels but later got attacked by Braun Strowman. His night was far from over once the main show ended.

First of all, the WWE confirmed his match against the Undertaker for this year’s WrestleMania. It’s interesting to see that no other stipulation was added into it. In general, the Undertaker’s match at Mania is contested in some sort of special capacity.

Reigns then appeared on the dark segment of Raw to call out Braun Strowman. The mountain among men did not back down from a fight and showed up.

Both men started brawling outside the ring. Strowman got the upper hand by throwing the steel steps on Reigns. He went for another shot with it but ate a spear instead. The Big Dog delivered the second spear to put his Fastlane opponent down. Reigns’ music hit the arena as the show came to an end. Both will collide once again on next week’s Raw.

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