We went off air on Smackdown, last night (March 14) in an odd way. The main event segment saw The American Alpha getting defeated by the Usos upon which Shane McMahon appeared on the ramp. He was still battered and bruised from the beat down that he received from AJ Styles. The attack prompted him to announce that he might compete in a match against Styles at Wrestlemania.

No official announcement was made after the show regarding this match. But, there’s no legitimacy of Styles getting fired from Smackdown Live. As per the reports, he will be back on next week’s show to accept the match face-to-face.

Meanwhile, WWE released footage of Shane McMahon’s well-being once the show went off the air. Despite the savage attack, the commissioner was able to leave the ring on his own. He has suffered no injury due to the same and no further medical attention was needed.

Daniel Bryan and Renee Young questioned the integrity of the decision made by Shane. They speculated that he was not fully in control of himself while putting himself into a Wrestlemania match. They said that it might be done due to frustrations with Styles.

On the Fallout show, The Miz and Maryse were also spotted where they stated that injustice towards them is continued on the show. They are being forced to compete in the announced mixed tag team contest at Wrestlemania. But, they also spelled out how they are going to steal the victory from John Cena and Nikki Bella.

Dean Ambrose was kept off from television due to Corbin’s attack on him, last week. But, he appeared on the dark segment to take on the Lone Wolf. The IC champion defeated his opponent with a pinfall.

Also, a discussion panel was hosted after Smackdown as five women from Smackdown Live joined Renee and Daniel Bryan to talk about the multi-women championship match at Wrestlemania. It looks like the match will be fatal-5-way featuring Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Natalya, Carmella and Becky Lynch.

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