Big Show has been one of those rarest species from the Attitude Era who is still performing in the current WWE roster. During this huge span, he already became a legend around the pro-wrestling industry.
There has been some deficiency in the bookings around him, raising the question as of when he would finally hang up his boots. The veteran addressed the same in an interview stating that the end is near for him.

‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ appeared in a recent edition of The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts show on Sirius Radio to state that Wrestlemania 33 was his last performance at the ‘Show of Shows. His contract will run out in next year’s February.

He is not intending to renew it considering his age which will finally put an end to his illustrious career. It was unfortunate for The Giant who could not end his career on a high note.
During the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Wrestlemania 32, Big Show had a face-off with veteran NBA player Shaquille O’Neil. They further confronted at the ESPYs awards in 2016 to set up a match at Wrestlemania 33.
This was the supposed match upon which Show wanted to end his career. He underwent a rigorous training session to be in the best shape of his life just only to be part of this match. But, Shaq and WWE never came to an agreement and the match got cancelled.

It was pretty frustrated for an athlete like Big Show who dedicated almost his entire pro-wrestling career for the betterment of the WWE. He deserved to get a better send-off. It is yet to see whether WWE arranges one proper for him in the near future.

At Wrestlemania 33, he received a horrible booking by featuring in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The fans expected to see a mega confrontation between him and Braun Strowman during the match. But, in reality, they were eliminated in quick time by all the other superstars present in the ring.
In recent times, Big Show expressed his frustrations by saying that he expected a lot better from the company keeping in mind that it is going to be his last tenure in the company. Apparently, a small rift is also ongoing between the two parties over the bad bookings.

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