WWE News: WWE bans Sasha Banks’ finishing move

Arindam Paul / 27 June 2016

Vince McMahon has a strong propaganda when it comes to wrestler’s safety and that’s why WWE has been toned down the brutality of several moves. There were certain moves in past which shortened the careers like Edge, Stone Cold, and Daniel Bryan. These past incidents have forced WWE to make a strong wellness policy and all the stars are abode by this.
Such incident happened in the case of the Architect, Seth Rollins. His pendant moves Curb Stomp was banned all of a sudden. Randy Orton was the one whose vicious move The Punt to the head was banned because it had strong possibilities to damage the head and the neck. Even, the rack attack move caused Nikki Bella a career threatening injury and she is still fighting it out to get back into the ring.

The health concerns are not the only issue while it comes to banning moves. WWE has a strong concern while it comes to shove off the controversies. Recently, one more move was banned rather toned down because it resembled one such controversial persona.
The boss, Sasha Banks has used her Bank Statement finishing maneuver until WWE has recently banned it to some extent. As per the reports of ringtalkk.com, the move has a lot of common to Chris Benoit’s crippler cross-face and WWE does not want the next WWE Women’s champion to use the same which was a patent move for the ever controversial superstar.

Though WWE has not barred the move completely from using but since her return on Raw Sasha Banks just cut out the final part of the submission which was an indication of the same. The rumor mill too suggested that the reason behind that was to avoid any such comparison to Chris Benoit whose suicide is still being considered as one of the darkest incidents in the pro-wrestling industry. Benoit has committed suicide after killing his wife and son. WWE does not want to be connected with the superstar by any means after the travesty happened 9 years ago.
It is worth to mention that Sasha Banks used this Bank Statement move throughout her career in the NXT days and even after she landed on the main roster. Prior to that, Daniel Bryan and her wife Brie Bella has used the same submission with some modification i.e. the “Yes Lock.”

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