WWE News: WWE Raw and Smackdown gets new logo

Arindam Paul / 23 July 2016

WE have just kicked things off with WWE’s new era with the July 19th episode of Smackdown live and the brand extension WWE Draft. We have got two new commissioners in Stephanie and Shane McMahon for the two shows subsequently. As announced on Raw, we have seen Mick Foley was appointed as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw whereas Daniel Bryan has taken the same post of Tuesday Night’s Smackdown Live!
Now, that we have got two separate rosters for two shows and the two brands will head for a healthy competition it’s only evident that we will get new logos for the shows. The respective general managers from Raw and Smackdown revealed the new logos for their shows on Twitter. This will certainly mark the final changes before we will begin a new chapter in WWE’s history starting from this Monday Night on Raw. Though, before that we will get Battleground pay-per-view on the WWE Network.
Here’re the new logos for Raw and Smackdown as revealed by Foley and Bryan, respectively:

The new logo of Raw is having similarities with the one from that late 90’s. We can only hope the show can find the similarities from that infamous Attitude Era. On the other hand, Smackdown logo was a much needed one since it was almost five years that the logo was not recreated. With these new logos, we certainly can expect new theme songs for both the shows with new video packages. As WWE fans, we would also like to see a newly decorated WWE ramp for both Raw and Smackdown from next week onwards. So we have fingers crossed for it.