Emma getting released by the WWE officials was one of the most shocking in recent memory. At the TLC PPV, she had quite a good match welcoming the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka from NXT to the main roster. She did come short, but her efforts were praised. It was also supposed that a push was coming in her way. But, on that very week, WWE decided to release her from the contract.

Due to the WWE’s clause, she had to stay away from in-ring competition on any other brand, since then. Recently, she signed a deal with the Ring Of Honor promotion which left her fans and former colleagues talking about it. It is expected that she will make her presence felt in WWE’s rival brand.

Emma joined the company at the ROH’s Honor Reigns Supreme event, joining the Women of Honor division. A 16-woman tournament is conducted, at this time in the promotion to crown a new champion. The former WWE Superstar arrived all of a sudden to let us know that she is the 16th participant of the Women of Honor Championship tournament.

Her debut received much attention from the pro-wrestling world as they wanted the talented lady to get the focus. A good platform will be able to elevate her level to a certain extent. Addressing the same, current Raw roster member, Bayley posted a tweet saying that she is feeling proud of this in-ring comeback for the gorgeous lady. This might be a reflection of how the other superstars from WWE Raw are thinking about this comeback.

Meanwhile, Emma sat down for an interview on the Lance Storm’s Killing The Town podcast and noted on the failed Emmalina gimmick that turned out to be an utter failure in the WWE. Back in 2016, the creative team started to channel a gorgeous gimmick by the name of Emmalina which was never brought on television and finished Emma’s on-screen character.

Talking about the same, the lady stated the following confirming that the role was not good for her, (courtesy stillrealtous)

“No. I wish I had more to say. I don’t know. I guess there was an idea to it, and they realized along the way that, that wasn’t me, that wasn’t for me at all. I mean I’m not a diva. I’m not like that at all. And I just wanted to wrestle.”

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