Zack Ryder was last seen on Smackdown Live during the December 13th episode where he picked up a massive knee injury. At that time, he was teaming up with Mojo Rawley with the tag team, The Hype Bros. They were on the verge of getting title push. They won the battle royal becoming the number one contender for the tag titles on Smackdown.

Later, Mojo revealed that they were originally scheduled to become the tag team championships. Their spot was occupied by the American Alpha who became the champions dethroning the Wyatts.

Zack Ryder blew his knees in a bad way while eliminating the last guy present in the ring in the contested battle royal on December 13th. Upon the done MRI, he was forced to undergo a surgery requiring him to get sidelined for a long time.

In recent times, the updates from his social media sites claimed that he is back in the WWE performance center in the month of April. He was cleared to be back on the training sessions which indicate that he is closing in on a return on the blue brand.
Also, reports from suggested that upon return he will not be teaming together with Mojo Rawley reforming the Hype Bros, again. Rather, both of them are said to get singles pushes, individually.

Zack Ryder is a veteran considering the amount of time he spent in the WWE. He has been on the circuit for more over a decade. So, he could certainly be a mid-card talent on Smackdown.

An interesting scenario can also be created after his return by making Mojo into a heel. He would blame Zack for blocking his push while they were on the verge of winning the tag title. Mojo has won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and is bound to get a push at a certain point.

Meanwhile, the Long Island Iced-Z expressed his feelings over his return. He could not wait to perform in front of the audience, once again. Check out his words here:

“I haven’t been in the ring since December since I got hurt. I haven’t put on my boots since then. I’m a little nervous but not nervous that I’m going to reinjure myself, I’m just nervous that… okay, all this rehab, all this time off, all this just sitting home doing nothing, I just want it to pay off. That’s on me.

It’s been 10 years and I’m not thinking about the next 10 years, I’m thinking about the next month, the next two months, the next however long it takes for me to walk through that curtain again, to walk down that ramp, and just do everything I know I’m meant to do.”

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