WWE NXT Takeover: Respect – first ever Iron Woman match Results

Arindam Paul / 08 October 2015

As expected NXT takeover delivered some quality matches his time too whether it was the first ever Iron Woman Match or the Dusty Rhodes Tag team tournament. Also the night saw the birth of an asian diva in the name of Asuka. Here are the results.


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi Final:

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe defeated The Mechanics (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

At the start of the match Balor is quickly taken out of the ring. Samoa is quite unhappy with this and takes his frustration out of Dash. Though he was cornered immediately after that after dawson was tagged in. After Balor tagged in he started working quickly on both Dash and Dawson. But Dawson chop-blocks Balor’s leg and targeted his knee which is quite busted at this point. He tried submissions a couple of times though and tried to tag Samoa but failed to do so.  Finally the tag was made when Dawson runs into the corner. Joe enters the ring and tears the house down as he was pissed off by standing in the apron much time. To finish the match Joe delivers muscle buster which Balor follows with Coup de Grace.


Rhyno and Baron Corbin defeated Jason Jordan and Chad Gable:

JJ and Corbin starts the match with the tie ups. After some back and forth actions Rhyno was tagged in whereas Gable was too. The crowd was behind Gable and he was working quite smoothly against Rhyno. Later JJ was tagged was on fire taking both the opponents down with ease. Rhyno gives a gore to JJ leaving Gable and Corbin inside while the later delivered the End of Days outta nowhere to pick up the victory.




Asuka defeated Dana Brooke:

This one was expected to be quite smooth one for Asuka as Dana is AMAZING only in her theme song but not fully. She also made a big mistake by slapping Asuka’s hand that was extended by Asuka. The “Asuka’s gonna kill you” chant was enough to eat her up. Asuka started with some furious strikes which she continued with Fujiarwa Armbar and some more amazing submissions which is quite amazing. Emma tries to interject herself again but Asuka picks the win with Asuka-Lock to win.



Apollo Crews defeated Tyler Breze:

After starting with the traditional tie ups Crews follows with an awesome standing drop kick. While going for a suplex Crews it into a beautiful delayed suplex while standing on his toes. Crews later hurts his back and midsection by falling in the apron side while Breeze tries to advace with Supermodel kick. Though he failed and and runs into a boot by Crews who followed it up with a devastating power bomb to pick up the victory.


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final:

Finn Balor and Soma Joe defeated Rhyno and Baron Corbin:

Quite surprisingly injured Balor started the match with Rhyno. After Corbin was tagged in he obviously was going after the legs but Balor’s speed keeps him safe. After delivering a Drop kick he allowed Joe to come into the ring who creates a flurry of forearms and headbutts. After sometimes Balor again gets into the ring and despite his injury ceates some movement into the ring until Rhyno trips him onto the apron. Later Corbin makes Balor’s leg suffer even more by hurling the leg into the ring post so that Balor even can’t put the weight in the leg. Only way for him to evade was to tag Joe in after which he was all over on Rhyno. After avoiding a gore from him Joe delivered a Muscle Buster for while Balor follows it again with Coup De Grace to win the Tournament Finale. The Rhodes Family was there to present the trophy and remembering Dusty’s sweet memories.



Bayley defeated Sasha Banks:

Lita, Charolotte and Stephanie McMohan was ringside as the epic main event was to kick off. The “woman’s wrestling” and “this is awesome” chants filled the arena as both the women stared at each other. This was going down in history indeed.

After some traditional tie ups and head locks Bayley went for some early covers but with no results. Sasha recovered from a couple of tosses and landed a head-scissors on Bayley. The war was in full form then. While having a argument with the referee Sasha blocked the view and pokes Bayley’s eye to roll her up for the first fall.

Sasha kept on charging bayley and went for the double knee in the corner but bayley countered by throwing her into the turnbuckle. Bayley failed to deliver slam when Sasha goes top rope and caught into the Bayley-to-Belly to tie the score.

The next fall happened due  to a count out. Sasha dragged Bayley outside the ring and throws her into the stairs again and again. Sasha unable to make her pin inside the ring throws her again outside the ring, this time tweaking Bayley’s knee and hurling her into the LED board causing the time out.

Sasha gets her times off as Bayley was still affecting her hands and body partly. Sasha tried to pin her casually but she kept kicking out. Sasha also locked walls of Jericho which Bayley broke by getting into the rope. And then by desperation she performed a Hurricurrana to get a surpise pin to make the things even again.

Both the women was quite tired after that as the ref checked them on both. The “iron woman” chant filled the arena this time. The action continued as well outside the ring where Bayley delivered a clothsline from the stairs and follows it up with a Bayley to belly only for a two count.After that Sasha puts her Bank statement on Bayley but failed her to submit. A frustrated Sasha delivered a back breaker once again which Bayley reverses once again with a crazy armbar submission to lock Sasha’s head. With only two seconds to go Sasha submitted to it. Bayley defeated Sasha for 3-2.

The entire NXT roster comes out as Sasha breaks down and Bayley applauded her tearfully. The crowd chanted ‘’you deserve it” for both the women as the show ended.

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