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During the Wrestlemania 39 weekend, WWE NXT will present its next premium live event in the form of Stand & Deliver. Being one of the rare WWE Network Specials, the night is expected to host multiple championship matches. But the reigning women’s champion of the NXT brand, Roxanne Perez may have to miss the show.

Roxanne Perez successfully defended the WWE NXT Women’s Champion at Roadblock, earlier this month against the veteran Meiko Satomura. But the aftermath incidents worried the fans as she fainted inside the ring after the match. In fact, she was stretchered out of the area as the show went off the air.

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Many do believe that Roxanne Perez was inserted into a kayfabe storyline since she was at the WWE Performance Center working out the day after Roadblock. However, there’s something going on around her which indicates that we won’t be seeing her on WWE NXT for some time.

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided some updates regarding the ongoing situation with the WWE NXT Women’s Champion. It was said that her issue isn’t a physical one. Rather it was an angle to make us believe that it’s been a legit injury case. Whatever the reason is, the reliable source indicates that The Prodigy won’t be back in the near future.

“There is an injury angle going on with Roxanne Perez. Last week they had her collapsing in the ring, the same angle Shawn Michaels did in 1995 with Owen Hart which led to Michaels for the first time being a legit drawing card after. There is an undisclosed medical issue with Perez regarding her maybe not being available,” WON noted about the ongoing scenario on WWE NXT.

“It’s not an injury or something that doesn’t allow her to wrestle, because she did the match with Meiko Satomura and was training after the match. But we’re told it’s possible she will need to take a very short time or a longer time off and the way the injury storyline was done covers them no matter what the determination is, which was supposed to be clear this week.”

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As a follow-up, WWE NXT head honcho Shawn Michaels took to social media to inform that Roxanne Perez’s health was still in question after she collapsed at Roadblock following her title defense.

As it remains unclear whether Perez would be ready to compete at Stand & Deliver, Michaels announced that the WWE NXT Women’s Title will be on the line in a ladder match on that night. Gigi Dolin and Zoey Stark won their respective qualifying matches to confirm their spots at NXT Stand & Deliver with one more name to be inserted into the fray.

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