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WWE Payback – WWE United States championship – Sheamus vs. Cesaro

This was the opening match of the event. WWE United States Champion Sheamus entered the arena first and the fans cheered for him in appreciation. Paul Heyman came after that he cut his usual promo in which said what his client ‘Borrrrockkk’ Lesnar did at WrestleMania XXX, he mentioned the end of Undertaker’s streak. Then he cut a small promo on Cesaro and the King of Swing came out to the arena for the fight.

Sheamus looked to be a heavy deal for Cesaro from the very beginning of the match. He hit a number of clotheslines, a shoulder first and a knee to the face. He tried to end the match quickly by connecting his signature move but Cesaro blocked it and hit a back drop of Sheamus.

Cesaro tried to get the control of the match by hitting a number of upper cuts and he pushed Sheamus to the near by turn buckle to hit some punches and kicks. Sheamus quickly capitalized as he dragged Cesaro to the turn buckle and hit a number of punches and elbow strikes.

Sheamus grounded Cesaro with a scoop slam and as he attempted an elbow drop Cesaro pulled himself and Sheamus hurt himself. Cesaro fought hard but could not keep the position as Sheamus capitalized soon and hit a Senton Drop. Sheamus attempted the beats of Bodhran which was blocked by Cesaro with a rope choke.

But Cesaro cannot get the control of the match as Sheamus continued domination with the Beats of Bodhran, he beat his chest twenty times. Sheamus continued domination but Cesaro finally caused a hard blow by hitting an upper cut on the jumping Sheamus which seriously him.

Cesaro tried to pin Sheamus with a Superplex but Sheamus kicked out in two. Cesaro started to control the match. After each maneuver, Cesaro tried to pin the champion and he failed.

After a number of hard upper cuts, Sheamus reversed one of the maneuvers of Cesaro with the Irish Curse back Breaker. Sheamus attempted the pin which Cesaro kicked out.

Sheamus hit some versatile maneuvers but the fans kept booing him and did not appreciate his work at all. Cesaro got a sudden position with a flying upper cut. After hitting a number of various upper cuts, he proved how good he is on these upper cuts.

Sheamus reversed a running move with high Body Slam. Sheamus attempted the Brogue Kick which Cesaro reversed with the German Suplex. Sheamus kicked out the pin fall attempt. Cesaro tried to hit the Neutralizer quickly but SHeamus Sheamus reversed it with a White Noise. Sheamus attempted the pin which Cesaro kicked out.

Sheamus attempted the Texas Cloverleaf which Cesaro blocked and tried to hit upper cut from the turn buckle which Sheamus reversed and was ablke to connect the Cloverleaf this time. Cesaro grabbed the rope nearby him and Sheamus had to release him.

Sheamus tried to punch Cesaro but Cesaro capitalized with a superb back breaker and started the Giant Swing. He swung Sheamus for twenty one times. Cesaro was busy is taunting after the move and Sheamus took the advantage of the situation as he hold him into the Small package Hold and Cesaro couldnt break it. Sheamus retained the championship.

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