Now, for two weeks the League of Nations is on a roll and anyone can understand that they are heading towards a Wrestlemania title shot against the New Day. That is quite simple but WWE has something better in mind for the trio that has been the cornerstone in the tag division for the better part of the last two years.

According to the reports coming from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, New Day is scheduled for a babyface turn. But, that is not now as the Wrestlemania tag team match will see a heel vs. heel match, from where the trio will pick up the face turn.

The first teaser of these two teams, starting the feud was felt at Fastlane when these two engaged in some verbal confrontations in the Cutting Edge Peep Show and took it further exchanging insulting videos over the internet. The New Day is done facing the team of Chris Jericho and AJ Styles, with the two falling apart by Jericho’s sudden heel turn.

WWE, at present, is pushing their online feud further not wanting to reveal more until Wrestlemania arrives but has something big in store. Anything involving around the New Day is what’s best for business as the trio has the power of positivity or negativity, but can woo the fans with what they want i.e. entertainment.

The New Day is now scheduled to defend their title at WWE Roadblock on this Saturday against League of Nations members Sheamus and King Barrett, which is to reignite the feud firmly for Wrestlemania between the two stables.

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