WWE Raw 21.06.2021 Results & Ratings
John Morrison
John Morrison. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE Raw 21.06.2021 Results & Ratings

This week’s Raw started as the WWE champion Bobby Lashley came out to the arena along with MVP and the ladies. They were in a mood for celebration. Lashley said Drew pushed him to his limits but he was not good enough to beat Lashley. MVP reminded that Drew could never challenge him for the title again.

The New Day interfered during the celebration. As it was expected, Kofi was the next person to challenge for the WWE title. He challenged Bobby for the title as Bobby said that he would never drop his title to someone like Kofi. Kofi reminded that he was never given his WWE title rematch.

Raw. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE Raw 21.06.2021 Results & Ratings

He also reminded that he pinned Lashley last month so deserved to challenge him to for the title and he challenged him at the Money in the Bank pay per view event. Lashley accepted the challenged Xavier Woods on the night. Woods accepted and said that he would answer his critics.

Match 1 – Money in the Bank qualifying match – Ricochet defeated AJ Styles

This was an entertaining match and it was booked for around six minutes. The Viking Raiders interfered during the match and attacked Omos. AJ was distracted and Ricochet took the advantage of the situation and pinned him.

Backstage Eva Marie revealed the new ring name for Piper Niven, which was Dew Drop. Niven’s expression of disbelief was excellent as Eva announced her new name.

Match 2 – Tag Team Money in the Bank qualifying match – Asuka and Naomi defeated Eva Marie and Doudrop

The match was short and it was booked for around three minutes only. The team of Eva Marie and Doudrop seemed to be over as Doudrop was unhappy with Eva Marie and left her to lose the match. Naomi pinned Eva Marie to earn the victory for her side.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville was seen inside the ring as they called out the WWE Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. Rhea came out to the ring. Adam and Sonya said that the way she retained her title last week at Hell in a Cell was completely unacceptable.

Charlotte Flair came out to the arena. Charlotte said that last night Rhea prove that she is a strategic player like herself. A rematch for the title was booked at Money in the Bank, no stipulation, nothing, just a rematch.

Match 3 – Money in the Bank qualifying match – John Morrison defeated Randy Orton

Raw. Image Credits: Twitter. Image Credits: Twitter

This was another huge upset. John Morrison pinning Randy Orton at this stage of his career is quite shocking. It was, however, not a clean win. Miz kept on distracting Orton throughout the match. Riddle entered the arena at the end of the match to help Orton but things did not work out pretty well. Morrison earned a pinfall victory.

Match 4 – Tag Team Money in the Bank qualifying match Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeated Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Nikki Cross came out with the new outfit and she played a superhero gimmick this time. Once again, Alexa Bliss showed her possession skills in this match. Cross in the end pinned Shayna with a Small Package Hold.

Match 5 – Riddle defeated Drew McIntyre

Raw. Image Credits: Twitter

They have booked the night full of upsets only. And it was a clean win. The match was very good, this was booked for around 15 minutes and It was quite enjoyable. Riddle in the end pinned Drew with a roll up pin.

Match 6 – Hell in a Cell match – Bobby Lashley defeated Xavier Woods by submission

The match was booked for around ten minutes and it was mostly dominated by Lashley. It was a good match but not as good as Roman Reigns versus Rey Mysterio match from last week’s SmackDown. Lashley made Woods submit with the hurt lock. After the match, Lashley beat Woods and locked the cell so Kofi could not do anything. Lashley kept beating Woods as this week’s Raw went off air.

Overall, this was a very good week of Raw. One of the best shows of Monday Night RAW in the recent days. Most of the matches were good and intense. There were a lot of upsets too. Everything combined made the show worth watching. We give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Sportzwiki Rating – 3.5/5