WWE RAW 22.11.2021 Results & Ratings

WWE RAW 22.11.2021 Results & Ratings

Big E
Big E. Image Credits: Twitter

This week’s RAW started as Vince McMahon was seen sitting along with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. Footage from last night’s Survivor Series was shown where Vince McMahon brought the hundred million dollars Cleopatra’s egg and it got stolen. Tonight, Mr. McMahon announced whoever would be able to find out the egg and the culprit he or she would be rewarded.

Match 1 – Riddle defeated Dolph Ziggler

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE RAW 22.11.2021 Results & Ratings

This was one hell of a match. Riddle mimicked Randy Orton throughout the match and it was extremely entertaining to watch. He even mimicked his outlook and entrance. At the end he pinned Ziggler with the RKO.

Backstage everyone was looking for the egg. It was a chaos going around. The short segment was quite fun to watch.

WWE Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch came out to the arena. Footage from her last night’s match was shown where she defeated Charlotte Flair. She cut a promo on that match then she cut a heel promo to remind everyone she is not a babyface.

Match 2 – Bianca Belair defeated Tamina

The match was booked for four minutes and it was an average match. Bianca pinned Tamina with the Kiss of Death finishing maneuver. After the match, Doudrop attacked Bianca and beat her down.

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor was scheduled to face each other in a match but it could never take place. Seth was cutting a promo before the match as Balor interfered during the promo which angered Seth so he attacked him and beat him down.

Match 3 – AJ Styles and Omos defeated The Street Profits by DQ

AJ Styles started the match as usual and when Omos got tagged in he started to dominate the two guys as usual. Angelo Dawkins came out with a fire extinguisher in his hand and sprayed it on both Omos and AJ Styles.

Match 4 – Carmella and Queen Zelina defeated Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley to become new WWE Women’s Tag Team champions

The WWE women’s Tag Team Championship are still quite irrelevant. The just changed hand just like that. No proper booking, no build up, nothing. Zelina pinned Nikki ASH to earn the victory and the titles for her side.

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

Backstage the thief who stole the egg was founded. It was Austin Theory. Austin explained he just wanted to take a selfie with the egg. Sami who founded out the guilty party demanded a title shot. Mr. McMahon gave the title shot to Austin Theory in stead.

Match 5 – Cedric Alexander defeated Reggie to become new WWE 24/7 champion

The match was short but Alexander defeated Reggie clean to win the title. As the roster came out to get the title Dana Brooke pinned Alexander to win the title and nobody attempted to pin her.

Match 6 – Bobby Lashley defeated The Mysterios in a two on one handicap match

The match was booked for seven minutes and it was arguably the best match of the night. It was quite fun to watch. Lashley kicked out of a double pin after a double finisher. At the end Lashley made Dominik submit with the Hurt Lock.

Match 7 – WWE United States champion Damian Priest defeated Sami Zayn to retain

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

It was an Open challenge for the United States Championship. At first it seems like Apollo Crews would be answering the challenge but he denied. Sami Zayn from Friday night Smackdown appeared and answered the challenge. Ultimately he lost the match and Priest dominated most part of the match.

Match 8 – WWE Champion Big E defeated Austin Theory to retain

The title match was granted as promised. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens remained on the ringside throughout the match. Big E dominated the most part who pinned Theory with Big Ending at the and. After the match, E attacked Rollins and Owens, Owens escaped the fight but Rollins got beaten down. Big E stood tall as this week’s RAW went off air.

Overall it was not a bad show. The whole egg drama was starting to get good but it met poor booking at the end. Everyone was expecting something new from this booking, but at the end it all felt like ‘meh.’ New Champions have also been crowned, so, a number of things actually happened in this event. We give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

Sportzwiki Ratings – 2.5/5

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