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WWE Raw 24/3/14 – Brock Lesnar – Paul Heyman – Undertaker segement

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman entered the arena. Paul Heyman started in his usual way by giving his introduction. He said that he stood before the fans as the advocate of the Beast incarnate, The Conqueror; Brock Lesnar. His client Brock Lesnar’s opponent at WrestleMania hold one of the most staggering accomplishments in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment, his name is the Undertaker and his record at WrestleMania is twenty and O. Ladies and gentleman I humbly submit to you that is not just a streak that is an undefeated streak. Which is shy, at April 6, 2014, at WrestleMania XXX, when Brock Lesnar defeats the undertaker and at April 6, 2014 at WrestleMania Brock Lesnar will defeat the Undertaker and he assured the fans that this will take nothing away from the enormity of the accomplishment of twenty one consecutive victories on the grandest stage of them all. The hero of the fans John Cena could not possibly win twenty consecutive matches at WrestleMania. They named a battle royal after Andre The Giant who could not twenty and O either at WrestleMania. His client Brock Lesnar would neither be able to cement twenty one consecutive victories at WrestleMania either. WrestleMania is the showcase of the immortals, it is where one ends and another era  rises.

Brock Lesnar took the microphone away from Paul Heyman’s hand, he said that he was not here to promote, he was here to fight. He called Undertaker by saying both them of them are so let them settle this over here.

A number of hooded people arrived with a casket. The hooded people made their way back slowly as Brock Lesnar went outside in irritation to find out The Undertaker. Then he made his way towards the casket, he looked at it and went inside the ring again.

Paul Heyman said it was typical, this was exactly the game that he wanted Brock Lesnar to play. But the undefeated streak of the Undertaker might have been born on Death Valley but for his client Brock Lesanr it was a holy grail. The Undertaker challenged Brock Lesnar to show up in the slum like Brooklyn, New York and what happened, he did not show up for the fight. The only he sent to Brock Lesnar was an empty casket.

The casket opened and the Undertaker came out from it. He went inside the ring. Brock Lesnar attacked Undertaker but Undertaker blocked Lesnar’s punch and started punching him back. Undertaker clotheslined Lesnar out of ring. Heyman stopped Lesnar from going back into the ring as they slowly escaped.

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