Raw kicked off with the familiar Authority music. Stephanie and Triple H came out and said the pride they had on Rollins. The last Hell in a Cell night Rollins proved that he was “The Man.” They congratulate him for taking every challenge they put in front of him and getting success every time by retaining his title.


To determine the no.1 contender Triple H decides to make matches between the winners of last night’s Hell in a Cell event. The winners will then go on to make a fatal-4-way match later that night. And whoever wins will be declared the No.1 contender for the WWE world heavyweight championship. Reigns’ music hits as he comes to the ring and tells to believe that he is going to win the match as well as the gold.


Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston

Big E and Kofi goofed around the ring before the later stepped into the ring with Roman. Reigns outsmarted Kingston with clotheslines and suplexes down the mat. Though Big E distracted Reigns to take Kofi the upper hand. The Heel tried everything to wear down Reigns. Big E continued rooting for Kofi from outside. Reigns make a fiery comeback by dodging a Trouble in paradise and delivering a spear to take the win.


Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

This is a tougher fight for Kevin Owens as Cesaro is with tremendous momentum as of now and made the house on fire during HIAC and coming to Raw with the momentum. A brash KO though managed to take the upper hand early by delivering punches and showboating.

The King of Swing then replied with a flurry of his pendant uppercuts which made Owens retreat. The intercontinental champ had his reply with a cheap shot of superkick which followed with a pop-up powerbomb to pick up the victory.


PCB vs. Team Bella

Backstage Paige manages to convince her teammates to take her back and heads towards the ring to take on the heel Bellas. She tries to prove herself by taking some early lumps, thanks to Nikki Bella. Paige was indeed outnumbered quickly by Bella and Co. and needed the help of Becky and Charlotte to get out of the fire. And the “We want Becky” chant was stopped by a forearm and Rack Attack from Nikki. Shockingly Paige turns on the champ by attacking him with Rampage and locking her up with Paige tap out submission hold, ending the PCB faction thereby once and for all.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Neville

At backstage, Renne Young interviews Del Rio and Zeb Colter. And quite interestingly Colter says that he wants to forget the past and wants to build a nation called Mex-America. Del Rio focuses on to capture his fifth WWE gold by winning his match against Neville as he is in complete control most of the time during the match. The champ took Neville’s best shots but able to come back with a vicious onslaught. He then stomped on Neville’s face to secure the win.


The Dudley Boyz and Ryback vs. King Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev

The tag team of Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev gets a second chance to regroup after their previous night’s defeat. They start the early beat down on D-Von Dudley. Ryback shifted the momentum towards the babyfaces for a while. Bubba Ray tries to incapacitate their foes and then tries to grab a table only to be pinned by King Barrett.


Bray Wyatt explains himself

Bray Wyatt tells the crowd that he would not go after Roman till he is revitalized and he had to do that by feeding on The Undertaker’s soul. After seven months of his Wrestlemania defeat, Wyatt reformed his family to get the Last word on The Last Outlaw. Kane stormed out to response only to be found himself trapped inside the ring by the scums. Wyatt and Co. overpower him and drags him away just like they did to the Undertaker.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E

The self-proclaimed “World famous” tag champs were again at ringside to steal the show from the show-off. Also present at the ringside is Summer Rae with her latest beau Tyler Breeze to make the distraction more effective with Kofi, the cheerleader. Big E tries to be a predator inside the ring and showboated too much only to give a chance to Ziggler for a superkick making the babyface win.


Fatal-4-way match to determine the No.1 contender

Seth Rollins sat on commentary to watch by himself to see who will become the No.1 contender for his title as Roman tries the brawl with Del Rio outside the ring. And Dolph clashes with Owens near the guardrail. Owens and Del Rio makes a brief alliance to continue the brawl inside the ring over Reigns and Ziggler. Their own showdown starts soon though with huge dropkicks and near falls. The contest becomes even more chaotic as the match continues. Finally, Reigns drops a superman punch and a spear on Owens to make Rollins-Reigns official. The Big Dog, whose dream was shattered at Wrestlemania by Rollins is now just one match away from taking the gold from the backstabber. Believe That.


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