WWE RAW 28.06.2021 Results & Ratings
RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE RAW 28.06.2021 Results & Ratings

This week’s Raw started as a number of wrestlers are seen standing inside the ring. Backstage Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville were seen who announced that Randy Orton was scheduled to compete on the night in a last chance Money in the Bank qualifying match but due to certain circumstances he could not compete.

Riddle met them and handed them a letter. He claimed that the letter was written by Randy. In the later it was written that Alton wanted Riddle to take his place. The letter was clearly written by Riddle himself. The segment was extremely funny, Riddle even drew a small viper in the corner which Pearce pointed out. Sonya and Adam in the end allowed Riddle to fight on behalf of Orton.

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE RAW 28.06.2021 Results & Ratings

Match 1 – Riddle won the 15 Man Battle Royal

This was qualifying match to the last chance Money in the Bank qualifying match. It was an excellent match. Battle Royals are always very exciting to watch. This one was no different. The last two remaining stars, Riddle and Priest put up a Royal Rumble standard performance. The full details of elimination was given below;

Drew Gulak by Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin by Jinder Mahal

Drew Gulak by Mustafa Ali

Mansoor by Mustafa Ali

R Truth by Jinder Mahal

Akira Tozawa by Jinder Mahal

Erik and Ivar by Jinder Mahal and Omos

Humberto Carrillo by Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali by Humberto Carrillo

Jinder Mahal by Damian Priest

Jeff Hardy by Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander by Damian Priest

Damian Priest by Riddle

As soon as Tozawa got eliminated Drew Gulak pinned him to win the WWE 24/7 Championship from him. R Truth quickly pinned Gulak to get the title and Tozawa again pinned Truth to recapture the title. He ran away with the title as Truth and Gulak followed him.

Match 2 – Nikki Cross defeated Shayna Baszler

The match was booked for six minutes and it was a good match. Alexa Bliss interfered during the match who attacked both Nia Jax and Reginald during the match. Nikki pinned Shayna with a Small Package hold.

Kofi Kingston came out to the arena. He condemned Bobby Lashley for whatever he did Xavier Woods. He said that he felt really bad as he could not help Woods. He also said that Lashley would have to pay for what he did. MVP came out and said Lashley did nothing compared to what he would do to Kofi and Money in the Bank. Kofi said Lashley was more beatable than ever and that was because of MVP. He attacked MVP and beat him down.

Match 3 – Doudrop and Eva Marie defeated Asuka and Naomi

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

One thing we must say, Doudrop is just excellent with her expressions and acting skills, hopefully she has bright future. It was more of a two on one handicap match. Doudrop fought alone. Eva Marie refused to take the tag from Doudrop but Doudrop came out strong manhandled both Naomi and Asuka. At the end she pinned Asuka with a Running Crossbody.

Match 4 – Ricochet vs. John Morrison went to double count out

It was a fun highflying match. At the end, Ricochet hit Morrison with Spring board Cross Body when Morrison was sitting on the Barricade. After this move, they could not get into the ring anymore.

Match 5 – Charlotte Flair and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina defeated Mandy Rose, Dana Brook and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley

The match was booked for five minutes and it was a good match. This is unfortunate that Charlotte Flair vs Rhea ripley feud does not interesting at all. This might have been the reason why this match felt unnecessary. Charlotte at the end pinned Mandy Rose with a Big Boot

Match 6 – Jaxson Ryker defeated Elias in a Strap Match

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

Good to see a stipulated match finally in an episode of RAW. Even though it was only booked for two and half minutes it was fun to watch. Ryker dominated most of the match and he pinned Elias with a Black Hole Slam.

Match 7 – Drew McIntyre defeated Riddle and AJ Styles

Indeed it was the most entertaining match of the night. It was book for over 20 minutes and all three computers did amazing job to keep the fans entertained throughout the match. Riddle almost won the match after he hit an RKO on AJ Styles but Omos pulled Styles out and Drew McIntyre pinned Riddle with Claymore. Drew McIntyre celebrated as this week’s RAW went off air.

Overall this was an extremely entertaining week of RAW. This is arguably the best episode of Monday night RAW in the recent weeks. From the Battle Royal to the triple threat match to end the show, everything was great about the show. We give it 4 stars out of 5.

Sportzwiki Rating – 4/5

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