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WWE Raw 28/4/14 – Stephanie McMahon’s apology, Paige vs. Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan’s fight with Kane 

It was an interesting segment from the beginning. Stephanie McMahon entered the ring first to apologize to the WWE world Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan for Kane’s assault on him last week. Footage from last week was shown where Kane assaulted Daniel Bryan.

Stephanie McMahon said what happened last week was a senseless strategy, she tried to stop Kane but the demon was unstoppable and she would like the opportunity to make this up to him and she asked him to come out.

It took a little while before Daniel Bryan’s music finally hit. Daniel Bryan came out with his wife Brie Bella. Bryan said that he almost believed her last week that she seriously meant Kane to stop except everyone knew that she was full of crap.

Stephanie McMahon took a while before responding as fans chanted yes. Stephanie said she earned it and she deserved it after what happened last week. But she needed him to understand something. She said that Triple h and Stephanie never wanted him to become WWE World Heavyweight champion and she claimed to be honest here. But people’s emotions ran a little bit high…..

Daniel stopped her by saying it was her emotion which ran a little high. He asked did they ever try to understand what his wife would feel after they did to him for all these days. She also felt a lot of emotions and wanted to do a lot of things but he asked him not to and she did not because she respected me and knew that he could do it on his own.

Stephanie McMahon said that did it on his own and he proved them wrong when he became the WWE World Heavyweight champion. She just wanted to give her Director of Operation a backbone. But Kane became a demon and went a way too far. She said to brie that she knew what it felt to see her husband carried out in a stretcher because she faced such situations before. So he apologized to her for what happened.

Daniel Bryan said he still thought she was full of crap. Stephanie said that she did not know how to convince him to prove she actually was innocent. Bryan said he would not believe her again. And if she thought Kane would take him down he was taking him down too straight to hell.

Stephanie said that she did not even know where Kane was and she locked Kane’s mask in her locker room. She gave Brie an opportunity to face Paige for the Divas championship. And she announced her match is next.

The Divas championship match was going well where Paige looked to be stronger Diva. As she nailed Brie with a superplex, Kane’s pyro and music hit. Kane came out from under the ring, she tried to drag Brie down with her. Daniel Bryan tried to stop him but Kane beat him down. Kane tried to take Brie along with him but Brie somehow escaped.

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