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WWE Raw 31/3/14 – Randy Orton vs. Batista

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Batista came into the arena first followed by the WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton. Before they could start the match, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out and joined Michael Cole and JBL on the commentary table.

The bell rand as both went for the first grapple of the game, Randy orton got the first advantage as he kicked Batista to his groin. He sent Batista to the turn buckle as Batista’s shoulder hit the steel post. Batista went outside of the ring. Randy Orton followed Batista outside of the ring. He attacked him with punches and kicks. Batista quickly capitalized and grounded Orton with a clothesline.

After a several attacks, Batista took Orton back into the ring. As Batista was about to go inside of the ring, Orton attacked him with a kick. Batista fell into the ground as Orton unloaded back to back foot stomps. Batista went outside of the ring again, as Orton followed him, again Batista tried to get the control of the match, but soon Orton capitalized. Orton clotheslined Batista and sent him to the audience seats.

After a taunting for a while, Orton went towards Batista and Batista attacked Orton with a steel chair. It was a no DQ match so it was all legal. Batista tried to hit the chair on Orton’s head, but Orton ducked the move and struck Batista’s head on the announce table. Orton took Batista towards the barricade and hit him with a spine first on the barricade. Orton now grabbed the chair and hit it on Batista’s back.

Batista went inside the ring, Orton followed him with the steel chair in the hand. Orton attempted another chair shot but this time Batista capitalized. He sent Orton out of the ring with a clothesline. Batista followed him out and struck Orton’s head on the announce table and hit Orton’s spine with the edge of the stage.

Batista took a chair and went towards Orton but Orton was ready as he took out a kendo stick from under the ring and hit it on Batista’s head. Orton unloaded with the Kendo Stick on Batista and after a number of Kendo stick shots he tried to throw Batista on the steel steps but Batista reversed the move.

Batista took Orton back to the ring, Orton tried to capitalize but Batista grounded him with a spine buster. Batista taunted for the Batista Bomb, he attempted the move but Orton capitalized with a back cracker. Orton attempted his signature DDT and he hit it.

Suddenly, Daniel Bryan came out of the crowd and attacked Triple H. Randy Orton went to help Triple H but Bryan punched him back and attacked Triple H again. Orton pulled him back and threw him to the steel steps. Orton took Bryan inside the ring. As Orton went inside the ring, Batista speared him. As Batista went for Daniel Bryan, Bryan kicked Batista on the head and nailed him running high knee.

Bryan attacked Triple H again as jumped on him outside the ring. Bryan attacked Triple H with a kendo stick. Triple H went inside the ring, Bryan followed him. Triple H then somehow escaped, Orton was trying to go inside the ring but Bryan nailed him out with the running high knee. Daniel Bryan chanted yes along with the fans and Triple H escaped with Stephanie McMahon.

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