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WWE Raw 7/4/14 – WWE World Heavyweight championship – Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H 

The match had been scheduled as Triple H announced himself as Daniel Bryan’s first opponent for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. It was the main event of the show. WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan entered the arena first with his signature yes chants. He waited for his opponent of the night Triple H to come.

But on the behalf of Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista came out to the arena. No music hit nothing else happened. They went straight inside of the ring and attacked the WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan straight.

Both kept beating Daniel Bryan together. After a good beating, Randy Orton hit an RKO and Batista hit a Batista Bomb which was enough to knock out the WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan.

The Director of Operations Kane came out now. He tried to pretend that he would save his former tag team partner Daniel Bryan from the hands of Batista and Randy Orton. But he choke slammed him.

Triple H along with Stephanie McMahon arrived after the choke slam from Kane. Daniel Bryan was lying unconscious on the floor inside of the ring. Triple H called the referee and ordered him to start the match. Referee tried to explain that Daniel Bryan could not wrestle but Triple H did not listen and he forced the referee to ring the bell.

The bell rang and Triple h gestured his hands to mock the yes chant. As Triple H attempted to pick Daniel Bryan up, the music of the Shield rang. As the Shield stood on one side of the ring, Kane, Batista and Randy Orton attempted to go inside the ring to face them.

The Shield remained outside of the ring for a short amount of time and entered the ring finally. Kane, Batista and Randy Orton also got into the ring who were standing on the apron. Triple H warned all of them not to fight. The fans became very happy with whatever was going on and chanted ‘this is awesome’. Kane attempted to attack the Shield but Triple H prevented him from doing it.

As Triple H turned to the Shield Roman Reigns speared Triple H. Everyone in the ring broke into a fight. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins took Randy Orton and Batista out of the ring and jumped on them. Kane pushed Roman Reigns towards one of the turn buckles and unloaded punches. He tried to choke slam Reigns but Reigns grounded him with solid fist.

Kane went outside of the ring which led Triple H to remain all alone inside the ring with Shield and Daniel Bryan who stood up. Daniel Bryan nailed Triple H with a running high knee. Kane pulled out Triple H out of the ring to save him from further beatings. Daniel Bryan chanted yes along with the Shield and the fans as Triple H, Kane and the others left the arena.

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