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Popular wrestling journalist, Cathy Kelley will be in the WWE, starting with next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. WWE officially announced changes to the commentary teams with the season premiere episodes of their programming airing with this week’s episode of SmackDown. First WrestleVotes and then Variety reported that all three brands are set to undergo the change.

Afterward, WWE released an official statement on the changes to occur as we learned that Cathy Kelley was indeed back on board with the WWE programming. For Monday Night RAW, Mike Rome will be the ring announcer while the returnee and Byron Saxton will conduct onscreen interviews.

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WWE Raw: Cathy Kelley Confirmed To Return As Part Of Broadcast Team 1

The WWE Universe expressed their joy at the news that Cathy Kelley, one of the most trusted employees from her heyday will be regularly seen on WWE TV. She worked with WWE until her release in 2020. She herself seemed excited about returning to the promotion after two years as she was quick to jump on Twitter and let the fans know that she was back.

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Cathy Kelley is preferred by current WWE head-honchos

This wasn’t a big surprise though as Stephanie McMahon, WWE’s new co-CEO is a huge fan of Cathy Kelley who also shares a good rapport with her husband Triple H, too. Stephanie previously promised to bring Kelley back to the WWE, and that’s what she’d done on the occasion of the Season Premier of WWE programming.

Following her WWE departure, Cathy Kelley appeared on the “Better Together” podcast with WWE celebrity friend Maria Menounos to reflect on her journey with the company. She admitted that it was a hard decision to leave WWE as the company since the professional business in general meant so much to her.

WWE Raw: Cathy Kelley Confirmed To Return As Part Of Broadcast Team 2

Cathy Kelley found pro wrestling in her life after moving to Los Angeles a few years back and getting a job with AfterBuzz TV. After signing with the WWE, she met people who became friends and then like family. But it was mostly the grueling schedule of the WWE that forced her to quit,

“It’s so time consuming because you are traveling so much. Me being me, I wanted to do everything, so I wanted to work as much as possible, which also meant being away from Los Angeles, which I just moved to, and that would not have allowed me to continue to do the other things, or work on the other things that I wanted to do.”

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