WWE RAW Five Point Preview: 2nd Nov 2015

Arindam Paul / 02 November 2015

Last week Roman Reigns finally got the chance to reach to the top of the WWE as he will get the chance to get his hands on Seth Rollins who backstabbed him long time ago. Rollins has been in some serious encounters since winning the title at Wrestlemania which includes the names like Brock Lesnar, Kane, Randy Orton, Sting but the big Dog may be the greatest challenge he has ever faced. Here’s what to expect from tonight’s RAW.


Sibling Rivalry:

Ever since Seth Rollins single-handedly destroyed the Shield the powerhouse has an unfinished business with him. Rollins even cost him the title in the grandest stage of them all when he was this close to winning the title. Now after settling the score with Bray Wyatt, a clear-headed Reigns had his sights re-focused on the Top by making collision with his former brother Rollins. But when will the collision occur? We will get to know more of the upcoming rivalry in tonight’s episode.


Where are the dark souls now?

One night after the Wyatts had carried away the Undertaker with them after his Hell in a Cell match, he and his followers called out demon Kane. Though the demon fought violently he faced the same fate as his brother. With Wyatt claiming on Smackdown that he is now in possession of the souls of the Brothers of Destruction, has he really taken out the power within them? If that is the case the Wyatt Family is really indestructible right now?

New Country under Zeb and Del Rio

The ally between Zeb and Del Rio had again proved that nothing is impossible in WWE as they were bigger enemies as seen last. Now they have formed a new country called “Mex-America” uniting Mexico and United States of America. They have enjoyed their first win at Hell in a Cell dethroning Cena at Hell in a Cell. And since then they are in a roll. Will the country continue its domination on RAW?


More BAD news for Natalya

On Smackdown Team BAD not only distracted Natalya costing her match but delivered a three-on-one vicious beatdown on the Queen of  Hearts. Sasha gave a statement courtesy of Bank Statement. Before laying her out, they accused Natalya of falsifying her mysterious backstage attack. Previously suspects were on Paige but it the focus shifted on the three BAD members. Will Natalya be able to get back this week?


“Pretty” Attacks

The Prince Pretty has been a top notch in kicking things up since his debut in the main roster. Aligning with Summer Rae he is in a constant hunt for Dolph Ziggler as he is desperate to show up against the show-off. But why? Is this pure jealousy or he just wants to make a name for himself by proving that there can be only one flashy blond-haired superstar on the roster? A clash is expected this week because the show-off is an expert in striking back in VIP sections.

Watch out for this week’s RAW and keep yourself updated here for RAW’s results tomorrow.


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