Roman Reigns is not ready to back down from the roadblocks he had been facing from the very first day in WWE. After getting robbed at Survivor Series, he is ready to take what should belong to him and that too with tables, ladders and chairs in hand. Will Roman Reigns deliver some steel justice to the newly formed Authority stable?


New Ultimatum for Reigns

Reigns had no choice but to take his aggressions to the top most level to deliver his “One versus all” statement even bolder. Though, Sheamus told The Big Dog to be a “walking, talking Adele song”, Roman did not leave an opportunity to deliver the taste of steel chair to him and his partners on RAW last week. Will Sheamus shorten the distance between him and his challenger as The Demolition Derby is coming closer?



Lunatic champion?

After falling short with Reigns at the finale of Survivor Series WWE championship tournament, Ambrose got the taste of blood once again by becoming the number one contender for the IC title. On the other hand with fresh off defeat still in his mind KO is aware that his days as a champion may be falling short. So with that realization when will the prizefighter choose to fight it out with the Asylum’s owner and will he choose to deliver a message to Dean this Monday?


Getting some of their own taste

Now we definitely don’t expect a thanksgiving from the Wyatts but the way they took to treat the Dudleyz reminded us of some old school beatdown where they decided to put the Dudley through a table. It was not the first time that they attacked the DudleyVille’s owners to the Wyatt’s playground. It seems like Dudleyz is ready to bounce back with turning the tables with their favorite ‘tables’. This rivalry has just started to take off.


Still plenty to come:

Paige eventually got her rematch at last week’s RAW after accusing Charlotte that she cheated at Survivor Series which eventually ended at a double count out, but she did not forget to show her vicious sides again by turning on the Flair Girl and locking her in the PTO on the announce table. She also was able to steal a victory a form Charlotte’s best friend Becky on Smackdown. Now that the anti-diva is not in the mood to stop until she is getting one last chance at the title Charlotte needs to bounce back in the picture. It will be interesting to see how she chooses the way, though?



New scenario in tag division

Since The Usos made their comeback in WWE, New Day’s momentum got stuck by their speed and it got even faster for the Lucha Dragons who managed to get themselves in the title picture. New Day needs to retaliate themselves quickly after the humiliation they faced last Thursday at the thanksgiving night at the hands of both Uso and Luchas. Now which one of them is more worthy at the title and receive the shot?


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