WWE Fastlane is only a few days away and nobody but The Lunatic Fringe is on his way to the road with a massive roadblock named the beast. He set the main event of Fastlane even more interesting going after the beast i.e. having his hands on Brock Lesnar. His life may be endangered when the beast will be back on the show. And, with her husband retiring from WWE and sister recovering from the injury Brie Bella is literally on her own on the road. Will she be able to make both her dear ones proud as chases the Divas title for the second time? Here’s what to expect from tonight’s RAW:


No more tables?

The Dudleyz had gone towards heel directions after putting the Usos through tables on last week RAW. They further clarified their action on Smackdown and declared to ban their two-decade long legacy act i.e. not to use the tables anymore. They will start a new mission to put the WWE Universe on notice and try to mention their relevance in today’s WWE starting from tonight. But, will it be effective without their most effective weapon, the tables?

Destruction continues

Wyatt family does not back down when it comes to picking up the opponents. Starting from the RAW before Royal Rumble they systematically dismantled Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Kane and now they are going after the big guy Ryback. It’s almost clear that they are on a mission to eliminate WWE’s most prolific superstars. With least attention to the new gear of Ryback, Bray Wyatt will definitely look to destroy Ryback once and for all.



AJ Styles has faced his first defeat in WWE at the hands of his first singles competitor, Chris Jericho, on Smackdown. So now as they both has equaled with one win apiece, looks like they will head towards one last match i.e. the rubber match to end the rivalry which kind has gone to the personal level in the past weeks. And also, the question is, will the Miz play the role of a third wheel in the midst of their rivalry?


Proving their legacy

With Daniel Bryan hanging up his boots forever and Nikki Bella recovering from surgery, it’s up to the remaining queen of the family to uphold the legacy of their family. With the insults that the current champion laid on to her regarding her sister’s injury, her championship match against Charlotte at Fastlane is a must win. Brie was out of action to stand by her husband on last week’s RAW whereas Charlotte had a smooth ride over Brie’s BFF Alicia Fox. The challenger surely needs something big heading towards Fastlane on tonight’s RAW to bring the moment alongside her.

The Ambrose Asylum

Now, everyone knows that Ambrose is the Lunatic Fringe for sure but for the last couple weeks he had proven that he has become the iron man of the WWE for a reason. The beast incarnate could not put him down with constantly delivering vicious F-5’s to him. Instead, the beast was seen down with Reigns standing by his brother’s side when he hit with a low blow. But now when the beast was put on notice, will Ambrose look to get his hands to his brother, the-big-dog of WWE, Roman Reigns? After all, three of them will fight for their own at Fastlane main event to go on to headlining Wrestlemania. What will be the scene on the last RAW before Fastlane?

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