WWE RAW five-point preview: January 4th, 2016

Arindam Paul / 04 January 2016

A blockbuster main event awaits on the 1st RAW of 2016 comes our way tonight with the WWE title on the line as Roman Reigns squares off against Sheamus with the boss Vince McMahon appears himself as the special guest referee. What will go down when the Chairman of the Board wears black and white striped t-shirt and shows up as a vindictive official in the ring.


“No chance in Hell” for Reigns?

There are countless superstars who found it the hardest way that Mr. McMhon does not tolerate any defiance in his way but Roman Reigns appears to laugh continuously on the face of him causing a frustrated boss getting arrested due to his own actions. After his bail, the boss made the main event for the kick-off RAW of the year. With League of Nations by his side, Reigns already has stacks piled up against him. Even if somehow he managed to even the odds he has to wait for Mr. McMahon calling the match fair and square which is most unlikely judging by the history.


Another Title opportunity waits for Cena?

John Cena made his much-anticipated return on last Monday Night on RAW and was this close from recapturing the US title gold from Del Rio before getting brutally attacked by the League of Nations. Since the title match got disqualified Cena still has his claimed rematch to capture the gold and issuing the US open challenge once again. Would we see Cena getting the belt once again and move to the blue brand next Thursday night on Smackdown with the title?


Royal Rumble participants

With the Royal Rumble closing in speculations are running rampage with the contestants of the match. Last week, we have learned that Big show will be the first one to enter and now Curtis Axel (who claims he was never eliminated from the rumble event) will enter as number two as announced. This week we can expect some more names into the fray as the Royal Rumble entrants.



As we learnt on Smackdown we will no longer see Summer Rae alongside the Prince of Cutesville after they decided to go their separate ways. What waits next for the pairs next on the line? Hopefully, we will get to learn something about them on RAW.


No Respect for New Day

The Dudleyz indeed had their own way to ring in the New Year when the put Xavier Woods through a “Happy New Year” written table. The celebration for New Day got shattered after Kalisto not only defeated the tag champs but delivered a humiliation post match along with the Dudleyz. After ending 2015 on a high note how will the New Day spread the “Power of positivity” in the first RAW of 2016?


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