WWE Raw five-point preview: June 6th, 2016

WWE Raw five-point preview: June 6th, 2016

WWE Raw will come live in our way this week from the CHESAPEAKE ENERGY ARENA, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. Last week marked the triumphant return of the man with Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, John Cena but that got decimated by the AJ Styles and his Japanese brethren. Will Cena be able to prove to Styles that the future still has to go through him? Here’s what to expect from this week’s WWE Raw.

(WWE Raw results are courtesy wwe.com)



Whom does the New Era belong to?

The franchise of the WWE, returned to the ring last week creating a miracle, once again. The 15 time WWE World Heavyweight was all vocal to reclaim his place as the Man who runs the place. Unfortunately, that flame was quickly put out by The Club who brutalized the Cenation Leader coming back to the same page, again. The attack culminated a match at the Money in the Bank PPV on June 19th. Now, that AJ has uttered that the New Era belongs to the Club, will Cena be able to prevent them on his own? Will we see Cena getting his hands on Styles on WWE Raw?



Is Natalya and Becky Lynch the equalizer?

Charlotte is dominating the Women’s division since her start of the championship reign. She had his father all the time prior to the shocking ditching moment. Now she is all set to do it once again, with the recent ally, Dana Brooke. On SmackDown, after Dana interfered in the bout between The Irish Lass Kicker and the champion, Natalya came to make the save as the duo send them running through the crowd. Both of them are looking to capture the title desperately but first they will look to teach a lesson to Charlotte and Dana, for sure.



‘The Man’ and his mind games

Now, ever since The Architect has returned he’s been fuming over the WWE universe and the current WWE World Heavyweight champion as he had never lost, what was ‘his’ championship once. The champion has suffered the wrath of Rollins post his bout against AJ Styles at Extreme Rules but he never got his redemption. Despite, heated confrontations for consecutive two weeks, Rollins preferred to walk away from Reigns, rather than getting into the ring. “The Guy”, on the other hand, does not want to wait until their championship match at Money in the Bank to renew their rivalry. So, will he get a chance to get his hands on Rollins on WWE Raw?



Money in the Bank momentum

Six men have qualified for this year’s Money in the Bank ladder match and each of them is ready to prove why this year will be their year. On Smackdown, the bragging was on to hold the briefcase via a ladder and gaining the upper hand was the Swiss Superman, Cesaro. With a guaranteed match waiting for one of them for the most coveted prize in the sports entertainment, the likes of Zayn, Owens, Ambrose, Del Rio, Cesaro, and Jericho will look to make a bigger impact on WWE Raw.



A new contender for Rusev’s US title?

Rusev is having a streak, once again, as of late. Since he has got back his US Title at Extreme Rules he has shown his aggressive, ruthless manner to his opponents. Thankfully, the Big Deal, Titus O’Neil was always there to make the save. As The Bulgarian Brute continues to mock American Superstars he views as “entitled, Titus has arrived to defend the Red-and-Blue. So, can we expect another confrontation between the two of them and furthermore, will he emerge as the new number one contender for the United State Title?